Letters to the Editor

Letter: Yes Virginia, there really is a Super Bowl


George Halas was the owner-coach of our Chicago Bears, and he won six NFL championships. But the only Super Bowl we ever won came after he hired Jim Finks, an experienced GM with a proven record to run the team for him. If the Bears are ever going to win another Super Bowl, Mr. Halas’ daughter, Virginia, will have to do the same.

Virginia gave her oldest son, Mike, his chance to run the team, but he ran it like a business rather than a sport, and the team floundered.

Virginia finally had her fill of No. 1 son and relegated him to the owner’s box. She then gave the job of running the team to No. 2 son, George.

Under George we have twice given away several draft choices so we can move up in the draft and take a quarterback when we could have saved those picks and taken Patrick Mahomes. Mitch Trubisky is long gone, Mahomes is a Super Bowl winner, and Justin Fields is running for his life on every play and has missed games with injuries. That probably wouldn’t be the case if we had used those picks we gave away to get linemen who could protect the quarterback.

Yes Virginia, there really is a Super Bowl, but the Bears are only going to win another one if you do as your father did when he stepped aside and let Finks run the team. George’s hires, Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace, have been fired and need to be replaced, but before anything is done you need to promote George to a title that plants him in the owner’s box next to Mike. You need to hire a proven football person to be the president, and let him run the team as well as hire the next coach and GM. Only then will be ever have the chance to win another Super Bowl.

Bruce Van Hoozen

Saint Germain, Wisconsin