Letters to the Editor

Letter: Has America reached herd immunity?

What is herd Immunity? The definition is “resistance to the spread of an infectious disease within a population that is based on pre-existing immunity of a high proportion of individuals as a result of previous infection or vaccination.”

Sweden wanted herd immunity and that’s what it got. But Sweden isn’t whining about the need for another year of lockdowns and mandatory mask wearing. Instead, Swedes are living their lives as if their lives were worth living.

In our “drive-by media” one journalist posts a hard-hitting COVID piece then the rest of the journalists follow in a 24/7 bombardment. The COVID hysteria in America brought all of this out into the open like nothing else, except perhaps the global warming apocalypse hysteria.

The question is, has America reached herd immunity? No, if our leaders keep pushing their vaccine mandates on everyone, regardless of many in our population having recovered from COVID with their own immunity. If the Biden Administration believes in the science and we include these people as vaccinated, we don’t need mask mandates. We don’t need zero infections to have herd immunity.

Stop demanding everyone be vaccinated; we don’t demand that every American be vaccinated against the flu.

Robert Meale

Crystal Lake