Letter: Open the Health Bridge Fitness Center pool

I am writing to express my disappointment in Health Bridge Fitness Center. The Crystal Lake facility has made the decision to “not open” the Crystal Lake pool this summer. They will open their Huntley pool”because it’s bigger.” Really? Everyone knows the membership is bigger in Huntley, and cutting costs is the reason for this decision, no other. When I joined years ago, I joined Crystal Lake center because of the pool and the club’s location.

I did not sign up in Huntley, and I don’t want to drive to Huntley. There are members from McHenry and Johnsburg. Are they expected to drive to Huntley?  I’m sure Health Bridge weighed the cost to run the Crystal Lake pool, the membership numbers, etc. But is it right to deprive club members of what they signed up for? What the contract offers? Covid hit everyone. Don’t punish your Crystal Lake members for the pandemic. It has been hard on everyone.

Open the pool. Crystal Lake always comes in second. We’re tired of it.

Maureen Shay