Letter: Becoming a unified country again

To the Editor:

As everyone knows, an assault on our nation’s Capitol, the country and a blatant disregard for its principles occurred Jan. 6. Most reacted with disbelief that this would, or even could take place. Yet with the violent and rebellious year we’ve had, it should be no surprise.

This year has been filled with peaceful protests as well as lawlessness. Stores have been broken into, vandalized, and looted. Police precincts and federal courthouses have been set on fire, a section of Seattle taken over by protestors, and statues of our forefathers covered with graffiti and destroyed.

The Speaker of the House ripped up the State of the Union address on national TV. Letters with derogatory words have been used to describe the president.

This is not an excuse for what happened at the Capitol, but rather a statement as to the condition of our country. A continuation of attention-grabbing, destructive, ignorant behavior exhibited by supporters from both sides of the aisle defining our country as a moral disgrace with actions characteristic of a third world country, not that of a world leader.

We’re told we need to come together as a nation. That said, in the next instance, someone, somewhere, will be offended in one form or another by something, or what someone else said or did.

As a people we need to recognize and focus on the good in people, not the politics, racial overtones, and offending that dominate our society. Social causes may bring awareness, but rationale, responsibility, and cooperation are needed to unify.

People have different ideas and thoughts. We are free to think independently. When we commit ourselves to a realm of decency and goodness, with respect, understanding, and communication between all people, we may once again become a unified country.

Chuck McKee