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Woodstock Fire/Rescue District purchases new breathing apparatuses using grant

Another federal grant will buy new radios for the Woodstock, Harvard, Marengo and Union fire protection districts

With the move to a new communication and dispatch network, the Woodstock, Harvard, Marengo and Union fire protection districts will buy new two-way radios using federal grant dollars.

The $658,024 grant was one of two Federal Emergency Management Agency Assistance to Firefighters grants obtained by Woodstock Fire/Rescue District, according to a news release from the district.

The collaborative grant by the Woodstock, Harvard, Marengo and Union districts was written to assist in purchasing new Motorola portable and mobile radios, according to the release. The four districts recently moved to digital communication network STARCOM21, which required new two-way radios.

The new radio equipment will “greatly improve the interoperability and safety of all district members,” the Woodstock Fire/Rescue District said in the release.

The second grant awarded totals $208,024 and will be used to buy new self-contained breathing apparatuses, or SCBA, according to the release.

“This money will provide the needed upgrades to our district’s breathing equipment with multiple modernized life-saving enhancements,” the district said. “These upgrades will keep our firefighters safe and prepared to protect the community for many years to come.”