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New clubhouse for RedTail Golf Club inches forward

The Lakewood Planning and Zoning Commission, chaired by John O'Hara, reviewed the village's request for proposals package for a proposed new clubhouse at the village-owned RedTail Golf Club at its meeting on Monday, Oct. 3, 2022.

After months of weighing possible approaches for a new clubhouse at RedTail Golf Club, the village of Lakewood is one step closer to asking for proposals.

The village’s Planning and Zoning Commission recommended Monday evening parameters for a request for proposal, a process in which architectural firms would submit their proposals for a new clubhouse at the village-owned golf course.

The parameters included what will go inside the clubhouse – at the very least, a clubhouse, bar and event space, as well as restrooms and a pro shop – and what kinds of materials for roofing and other exterior finishes the village would want in the design.

Village President David Stavropoulos said the detailed nature of the parameters was to ensure the village would be weighing “apples-to-apples” proposals instead of ones with a wide variety of designs and costs.

“We want to set the standard,” Stavropoulos said of the designs. “That will give us an ability to compare when the RFPs (requests for proposals) come back. We don’t want to filter through variations of carpeting, those types of things.”

The Lakewood Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed the village's RFP package for a proposed new clubhouse at the village-owned RedTail Golf Club, including this conceptual exterior rendering, at their latest meeting on Monday, Oct. 3, 2022.

Past meetings on the potential clubhouse have drawn a variety of concerns from the public, including the potential cost to taxpayers, the scope of the facility, and whether it would be marketed as an event space.

A new clubhouse would replace the current, outdated structure, which was originally built in 1991 as a temporary structure. In addition to concerns about the structure’s condition, it also limits the size and number of events RedTail can host, village officials have said.

During the meeting Monday evening, the commission discussed conceptual floor plans, exterior renderings and interior finishes that will be part of the request for proposals; public comments included a request that the exterior match some of the other buildings in Lakewood, as well as a desire that the clubhouse space would also accommodate meetings or gatherings for the community beyond golf club members.

Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman John O’Hara said he felt the meeting now gives village staff “some good points to at least think about” for the final request for proposal draft.

“This is not easy,” Stavropoulos said. “We don’t want to do things cheap, and we want people to want to go to RedTail.”

The Village Board will now review the RFP proposal at one of its upcoming meetings, and village staff will have another meeting reviewing the RFP details on Friday, Stavropoulos said.