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Cary police warn of increase in vehicle break-ins, burglaries

Several incidents occurred Thursday morning, police department says

The Cary Police Department reported that a handful of attempted car break-ins occurred Thursday morning, June 23, 2022, including during the footage shown here.

Multiple attempts, both successful and not, to steal items from unlocked motor vehicles in Cary occurred Thursday morning, the Cary Police Department said Thursday.

In one case, the car itself was also stolen and allegedly used to drive around the village to commit similar crimes, police said in a news release.

The thefts and attempted thefts occurred in the early morning hours in residential neighborhoods in the northeast portion of Cary, according to the release.

The Cary Police Department warned residents to make sure their vehicles are locked and valuables are not stored in plain sight.

“These are typically crimes of opportunity, and in the majority of cases the offender(s) will bypass a locked vehicle to attempt to find an unlocked vehicle,” Cary Deputy Chief Scott Naydenoff said in the release.

Residents should report suspicious activity but should not confront possible thieves on their own, Naydenoff said in the release.