Letter: Guilty verdict proves America’s demise

Letter to the Editor

The guilty verdict, on all 34 counts, proves how far down the rabbit hole of depravity America has fallen. Not because a lifelong pathological lying conman, fraud and grifter has finally faced judicial accountability for one of his many crimes against America, but because so many fellow citizens and the politicians they elected, still support, defend and appease his criminality.

One can only surmise that a percentage of the population, the Fox News viewers, manipulated by lies, propaganda and delusional conspiracies, the racists, the xenophobes, the neo-Nazis, the white nationalists, and the billionaires looking for more tax breaks will continue supporting a convicted felon, civilly adjudicated and fined for committing rape, defamation, and insurance, bank, real estate, tax, business and child charity fraud.

The Republican Party has abandoned their own personal, moral, ethical, fiscal, legal, constitutional integrity and principles in sycophancy to a wannabe “Dictator on Day One.”

A malignant narcissist demagogue who still faces three more grand jury indictments for seditious conspiracy and inciting insurrection after his failed coup d’etat, RICO election subversion and espionage in the theft and dissemination of classified top secret documents.

Republicans who additionally refuse to legislate on remedies for the border; our corrupted SCOTUS; out-of-control corporate and big oil greed fleecing America for record profits; tax fairness; gun safety reforms; climate change; women’s, voting and civil rights; and the myriads of challenges facing America, who are appeasing a convicted felon, will face their own demise and shellacking at the polls in November.

Bob Janz


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