Letter: Women-owned businesses in McHenry County

Letter to the Editor

I just finished reading your article from Nov. 3 regarding the percentage of McHenry County businesses that are women-owned. I loved it! It rings so true. It was perfect timing for me.

Two Black women recently upped the percentage. Seleta Scents recently opened its store in the remodeled Old Courthouse Center in Woodstock. The boutique sells handmade, eco-friendly soy-based candles (Seleta Scents), and also offers handmade 100% pure skincare and fragrances (Rocio Sagrado). The founder of each product is a Black woman: Julienne Samuels, who is a co-owner of Seleta Scents, and Jai Dewith (that’s me) of Rocio Sagrado. Samuels, who is co-owner along with her fiance Mike Richards, is part of the incubator program and I am operating a pop-up in their shop. Richards also does 3D printing out of the boutique.

We are looking forward to supporting this network of women and “getting the job done.” And always (as also wonderfully explained in the article) with self-respect and self-love. And from there, building a more healthy, happy and harmonious environment for all.

Jai Dewith