Election 2024 Questionnaire: Krystal Dorey, 14th Congressional District

Election 2024
A single voter votes in a voting booth at the Moose Lodge on Tuesday, April. 4, 2023 in Princeton.

Krystal Dorey, candidate for the 14th Congressional District in the Republican primary March 19, answered these questions for the Shaw Local News Network.

Full Name: Krystal Dorey

What office are you seeking? Representative of the 14th Congressional District.

What public offices, if any, have you previously held? None

City: Lockport

Occupation: Self-employed leadership organization

Campaign website: Krystal For Congress

In light of the increasing influx of migrants to Illinois, how do you propose the federal government should address the challenges?

Invest in the border wall to secure the borders of the United States as any and all other countries do.

The borders should be closed to only legal immigration. Deport any immigrant with a criminal background. Deport any immigrant that has not sought asylum in the first country he crosses. Deport any immigrant that commits certain crimes while paroled or without papers and stop all aid to illegal immigrants.

What are the top issues facing your district and what would you like to do to address those issues?

High crime, inflation, high energy prices, high taxes, too much money being sent to Ukraine and a failed foreign policy. All of this is caused by the policies of the current administration. Go back to the energy policies before 2020. Enforce the laws equally. Prioritize public safety and the rights of people and property. Show strength to our true Allies to support their right to exist and be free.

What local road and bridge projects should be a priority to get done in the district?

Interstate 80 bridge over Chicago Street, which is in need of intensive reconstruction. It is seriously in need of repair. This is a major artery in the entire Joliet area. The area of Route 80 is in such disrepair that vehicles are damaged by the poor road conditions.

What plans do you have to help the lower and middle class?

Fight inflation [and] lower energy prices by bringing the United States back to pre-Biden oil production. The effect would be to lower prices due to lowering the costs of transporting goods to the market.

Housing is of major concern because of the current shortage of affordable housing to lower and middle income people. Again, lower energy costs can help and can be obtained by reversing this administration’s policies. The costs of everything will reduce based upon the cost of transportation lowering and getting materials to the supply side of construction.

What are the top two threats to our national security?

Weak foreign policy and illegal immigrants who are potential terrorists already in this country.

What is your position on climate change and what should be done about it?

Climate change is a hoax.

What is your position on nuclear energy expansion?

Safety is the main concern.

Should America invest in other forms of renewable energy? Please explain.

The government should let the entrepreneurs of business solve real problems, not force regulation to create requirements on the people that are not working.

Should pregnant women have the right to get an abortion?

That is the issue of each individual state to decide. It is not a federal question. I am a pro-life advocate.

Do you support the Illinois gun ban? Why or why not?

No, the Constitution of the only free people in the world is clear on that issue.

How would you classify the state of public health in your district?

I have no problem with most, but mental health and addiction need some more services.

Do you believe access to affordable health care is an issue?

Health care is expensive and so is insurance.

Why or why not?

Prices have gotten high and the normal salary of working people is not enough to pay for insurance or health care.

If you believe it’s an issue, what ideas do you have to remedy it?

Health is the issue. The general health of this country is going downhill. Education in school about normal health practices, i.e. overweight, lack of exercise, poor eating habits, alcohol and smoking, needs to be ramped up. Smoking causes so much disease that it is alarming that people still smoke. The tobacco settlement was misused by the government. It should have looked toward a greater decrease in the use of tobacco products. Cut out these self-inflicted culprits of disease and costs would decrease.

Did Joe Biden win the 2020 presidential election?

The election was over and the results were certified. Once the Electoral College voted, the president was declared.

Would you have voted to ratify his presidency?

There was not a court action to stop ratification or to declare the vote totals were in some sort of error.

Would you, as a member of Congress, ever vote against certifying presidential electoral votes submitted by states’ official voting authorities?

No. I believe that the only action is competent court action in the state is the only way the results can be challenged.