Election 2024 Questionnaire: Donald Rients, Illinois House District 105

Election 2024
Donald Ray Rients, candidate for 105th District state representative

Donald Rients, a candidate for Illinois House District 105 in the March primary election, answered these questions from the Shaw Local News Network.

Full Name: Donald Ray Rients

What office are you seeking? Representative in the General Assembly District 105

What public offices, if any, have you previously held? President – Benson Fire Protection District 2016 – Present.

City: Benson

Occupation: IT Analyst

Campaign website: www.rients.net

Considering the increasing influx of migrants to Illinois, how do you propose the state should address the challenges?

Repeal the TRUST act. Freeze all monies being used to provide for the asylum seekers/refugees/illegal aliens. They will stop coming, and likely leave.

What are the top issues facing your district and what would you like to do to address those issues?

• Economy (good paying jobs, taxes, affordable and available housing, worries on Social Security, affordable health care, etc.). To Resolve: Create an environment that is friendly to large and small businesses, ensure we have great infrastructure (rivers, roads, air, and rail). Reduce taxes (remove corruption and stop giving money to the asylum seekers).

• Illegal immigration (asylum seekers, refugees) is a big topic, and all the pandering (tax payer money) that is occurring for them. Along with the associated crime, sex trafficking, and drug trade. To Resolve: Repeal the TRUST act. Freeze all monies being used to provide for the asylum seekers/refugees/illegal aliens.

• In much of the state, I would say crime, but in the 105th we are fortunate not to have as much as other places. Now if one includes drugs (Marijuana being legal) to the crime category, then I would say crime. Worries over fentanyl deaths, etc. To Resolve: Stop the acceptance/pandering of illegal aliens and the crime organizations that are using them (and this crisis).

• We are a farming community. To Resolve/Continue support: Along with overseas grain trade, crop insurance, and proper regulation, ensuring that ethanol and soybean fuel oil is being produced is important.

If there was one bill that you could get through the legislature next year, what would it be?

• There are many good ones currently proposed by other representatives. One good one would be HB2967 (ELECTIONS VOTER PHOTO ID).

If there was one recently passed law you could repeal, what would it be?

• The TRUST Act, along with any other law or policy that the state has created that could pander to non-citizens that are here under questionable circumstances.

Do you support term limits? If yes, why and what would they look like? And if no, why not?

Yes, having no term limits are part of the problem. To define term limits, does that mean stopping career politicians? Term limits would be something along the lines of a combined max of ten to twelve years served for any General assembly member, two terms for any State Wide office.

Taxes are a top concern of Illinois voters. What do you think the underlying issues are and how would you propose addressing them?

Overspending, corruption/mismanagement of State funds. Stop all the fluff that the State does and get back to basics, like having a great infrastructure, and an education system that will allow our children to compete in the modern Federal and International stage.

What are three things the state legislature could do to promote better fiscal responsibility within state government?

1. Stop the stupid personal projects that don’t really help the state and its citizens.

2. Tighten the spending and only do what work is necessary and good for the State.

3. Pay down debt and fix the pension system.

Do you support the Illinois gun ban? Why or why not? Please be specific.

No. I believe the gun ban goes against the 2nd amendment. The gun ban is just one more way at chipping away at the rights of the citizens, and I believe is intended to reduce the capability of the citizens to defend the constitution and protect itself from a totalitarian government.

What is your opinion of the role of tax incentives in economic development and business growth? Should tax incentives be offered to corporations to entice them to plant roots in local communities? Why or why not?

I am a conservative and believe that subsides should be greatly limited. Let capitalism and the fair market determine success. Though this is not a completely firm statement. Items like national security come to mind, and I think that farm produce (grain, meat, and other farming products) are a national security element. Also, where it makes good sense, a tax incentive for proper industries to come into the state may be warranted. If we do not do this, we may not be able to compete with other states to draw good paying jobs.

How would you classify the state of public health in your district? Do you believe access to affordable healthcare is an issue? Why or why not? If you believe it’s an issue, what ideas do you have to remedy it?

Recently, around the district and its neighbors, hospitals are being reduced or closed. Getting emergency care when needed is a concern. I believe affordable healthcare is an issue. The cost to have procedures done, and the high cost of medications is taking a higher proportion of money out of the hands of our citizens each year. The answer to resolve this crisis is way too big to discuss in this forum. Problems need fixed within the AMA, pharmaceutical companies, medical insurance kickbacks, profiteering, endless paperwork for the medical staff/doctors (after all, they are medical professionals, not clerks) , false/ridiculous litigation claims, etc.