Kevin Johnson, Oswego SD308 Board of Education election questionnaire

Election 2024
Oswego School District 308 Board of Education election candidate Kevin Johnson

Full Name: Kevin Johnson

What office are you seeking? SD308 School Board

What is your political party? non-partisan race

What is your current age? 56

Occupation and Employer: Senior Vice President for FIS

What offices, if any, have you previously held? No public offices held previously.

City: Oswego

Campaign Website: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100089102353866

Education: AA & BS, Computer Science

Community involvement: None. Educated parent who pays attention to the items that impact the services that my tax dollars support to ensure maximum value.

Marital status/Immediate family: Married w/6 children

Why are you running for office?

To increase student proficiency, parental engagement and fiscal responsibility.

What makes you qualified for the office you’re seeking?

15+ years as an Executive of a Fortune 500 company; I have lead teams through extremely difficult economic instability. I would use this experience to bring the board together towards tackling the issues that are impeding the ability to provide improved student proficiency.

Have you sought and/or received any training to run for your local school board? If so, from whom?

I attend committee and District 308 board meetings as well as mentor with board members of succeeding public school systems throughout the US. I also perform self study and other non-biased methods to ensure that I will provide maximum value.

Would you propose any changes to the curriculum? If so, what?

I would look to understand the impact of the current curriculum to the goals that were established for them. If pieces of the curriculum are not meeting expectations; I would work with the Superintendent, teachers, students and other board members to better understand why and together decide on next steps towards providing the desired student outcomes.

Are LGBTQ students treated fairly in your district?

I would hope that ALL students are treated fairly. I would listen to any group that feels that they are not being treated fairly and where and when that is not the case; I would work to ensure that the issues are remediated.

What is your assessment of how Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is handled in your school district?

Like any other program; I would look to understand that its’ goals are being met and that there is a positive impact to student proficiency. Decisions should be based on tangible results.

Do you believe the district needs to make any changes to improve DEI in your district?

Not knowing what the impact of DEI in the district today as it pertains to student proficiency; I cannot answer until all the facts are known. I do believe in continuous improvement as no two districts are the same from a demographics or issues perspective. Any program should align itself to the issues of the district and provide tangible outcomes.

Are teachers in your district paid adequately now and in retirement?

From the data that I have seen to date; District 308 is on the lower end compared to neighboring districts. More detailed analysis is required to complete this assessment. Also need to thoroughly understand the districts financial ability to address this and potentially other salary related items.

Would you support changes to teacher pay scales? If so, how?

If the data reflects the need to increase and the District can financially support “said” increase; then I would support changes to the teacher pay scales.

What is your assessment of the district superintendent’s compensation?

I have no issues with the District Superintendent’s compensation; only with the results of his tenure.

Would you make any changes to how the district superintendent is compensated?

Compensation should be goal based; so that all feel a value for the results achieved.

Do you support the current superintendent? Please explain.

The current superintendent has decided to retire; so a new one is being sought. I would like to participate in that process.

Should schools in your district adopt and teach sex education according to the National Sex Education Standards? Please explain.

I believe that schools in this district should concentrate on core curriculum subjects as our results are not respectable. It is a parent’s choice on how, when and where their child is to learn sex education. I believe in choice in this area. Parents MUST be able to opt out as these standards should not be imposed on a family whose culture may not align.

What is your assessment of how the COVID-19 pandemic was handled locally?

I believe that the COVID-19 situation was mishandled as many of the decisions were based on fear and caused much division. I believe that with effective communication; many community relations could have been saved.

What did you learn from the pandemic?

I learn to live each day to the fullest as the next day is not promised. I also learned the importance of addressing one’s mental health. Isolation for some was an extremely devastating experience.

Are voters that support your district taxed at an appropriate level?

Our district voters are not taxed at an appropriate level as the debt ratio of the district school system is extremely high. This issue MUST be addressed.

Would you support any plans to raise taxes in the district? If so, what should the additional revenue be spent on?

I would not support to raise taxes in the district without trying every imaginable option to do otherwise. Any additional revenue (if required) should be based on items that aid the improvement of student proficiency.

Would you support lowering taxes in the district? If so, what programs or services in the district would you cut?

If it were found that programs and/or services or either providing little or no value to the improvement of the student experience and proficiency; they should be either altered to provide greater value or canceled.

Will you accept the voters’ decision in your race on Election Day?

Of course I would accept the voter’s decision on Election Day.

What is your position on open, transparent government?

I agree on the position of an open, transparent government.

Do you support the Freedom of Information Act and citizens’ ability to freely access government records?

Yes, I agree with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Citizen are owed transparency for what their tax dollars afford.