February 04, 2023


2022 Illinois Primary Election: No contested primaries in Bureau County, Putnam County races

Putnam County sheriff race will be contested between Joshua Boedigheimer (D) and Brian Gonet (R) in November

John Eggers votes at the Bureau County Metro Center during the Primary Election on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 in Princeton.

There were no contested primaries in Bureau and Putnam counties races.

Some races are setting up for November.

The Putnam County sheriff’s race will be contested between Joshua Boedigheimer, Democrat, and Brian Gonet, Republican, come November.

Additionally, District 3 Bureau County Board will be contested between Joseph Bickett, a Democrat, and Sandy Hoos, a Republican, in the fall.

Bureau County Sheriff James Reed received no challengers in the primary, and no one has run on the Democratic ticket.

Additional unopposed races include:

Bureau County

Clerk: Matthew Eggers, Republican

Treasurer: Joseph Birkey, Republican

District 1: Deb Feeney, Democrat

District 2: Robert McCook, Democrat

District 4: Marshann Entwhistle, Republican

District 5: Dale Anderson, Republican

District 6: Derek Whited, Republican

District 7: Marsha Lilley, Republican

District 8: Kristi Warren, Republican

District 9: Keith Cain, Republican

District 10: John Baracani, Democrat

District 11: Mary Jane Marini, Democrat

District 12: Dave Argubright, Democrat

District 13: Ronald “Tom” Dobrich, Democrat

District 14: Kerwin Paris, Republican

District 16: Jason Floyd, Republican

District 17: Connie Stetson, Republican

District 18: Lizabeth Novotny, Republican

Putnam County

Clerk: Tina Dolder, Democrat

Treasurer: Kevin Kunkel, Democrat

County Board: Democrats Luke Holly, Charles Lenkaitis, Anthony “Tony” Rue, Floyd “BJ” Holocker; Republicans Jaye Debates, Joseph King, Jeffrey Purtell, Steven Malavolti, James Shurts Jr.

Jayce Eustice

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