Election 2022: Republican businessman from Dixon faces off against 37th House District incumbent

Election 2024
Two Republicans will face off for the 37th District seat in the Illinois House of Representatives in the June 28, 2022 primary election: Brett Nicklaus (right), a financial planner and business owner from Dixon, and incumbent Win Stoller (left), a business owner from Germantown Hills who was first elected to the 37th seat in 2020. (Photos provided by Brett Nicklaus and Win Stoller)

Editor’s note: To read more about candidates in your area ahead of the June 28 Illinois primary election, go to www.shawlocal.com/news/election. The 37th Illinois House District includes parts of DeKalb, Whiteside, Ogle and Lee counties. The following is a brief overview of the race for House District 37′s primary Republican candidates. No Democrats are listed on the final ballot.

Two Republicans will face off for the seat: Brett Nicklaus, a financial planner and business owner from Dixon, and incumbent Win Stoller, a business owner from Germantown Hills who first was elected to the 37th House District seat in 2020.

Stoller said he believes Second Amendment issues are a priority for residents in the 37th District. According to a candidate questionnaire submitted to Shaw Local News Network, Stoller identified high taxes as a priority for his campaign to address.

Nicklaus said he believes Illinois government has overstepped in schools, businesses and residents’ homes. He said he wants to address high tax burdens on residents in his district.

On taxes

Stoller said he wants Illinois’ government to stop what he called “chronic overspending.”

“While issues such as crime, Illinois’ extreme position on abortion, the Health Care Right of Conscience reversal, ballot integrity, education, Second Amendment rights and other issues are very important to people in the district I represent in the state Senate, the overwhelming top issue is chronic government overspending and the high taxes needed to pay for it,” he said.

Nicklaus said he believes money should go to fund education and public safety.

“We have to look at all the programs and services to examine what is effective and what is not,” Nicklaus said. “If elected, I would address some of the unnecessary burdens that cause Illinoisans to pay some of the highest taxes in the nation. We cannot tax our way to prosperity.”

On inflation

Stoller called inflation a federal government issue.

“In early April, Democrats in the General Assembly passed legislation for one-time-only tax rebate gimmicks just around the election later this year,” Stoller said. “Contrary to that approach of what I consider an effort to buy votes in November, I co-sponsored Senate Republican legislation to provide permanent tax cuts to Illinoisans.”

Nicklaus said lowered taxes would help offset the cost of inflation.

“Illinoisans are having a hard time paying the daily cost of living in today’s world,” Nicklaus said. “The steps that were taken in this year’s tax relief was a start, but it is full of election-year sweeteners. It includes a suspension of the gas tax increase that will expire a month after the general election.”