Matthew Dubiel, US Senate 2022 Primary Election Questionnaire

Election 2024
US Senate candidate Matthew Dubiel

Full Name: Matthew “Matt’ Dubiel

What office are you seeking? US Senate

What offices, if any, have you previously held? Husband and father of 4, small business owner, no public office

City: Naperville, IL

Occupation: Small business owner, General Manager AM 1530 WCKG Elmhurst

Education: Matt completed broadcasting school and worked his way up the radio ranks from intern to owner in Chicago.

Campaign Website: mattdubiel.com

What is your position re-establishing the Child Tax Credit at $3,500 per child as set in the American Rescue Plan?

Middle class families simply need lower taxes. We don’t need bait and switch credits to make us feel like we’re getting our own money back. The biggest tax on the middle and working class right now is inflation. No child tax credit is going to fix what inflation is doing to our personal economies. Middle class families are paying more for everything (if we can get it) and we are not making more. Prices for some things are double or triple, and our paychecks aren’t going up by leaps and bounds. The middle class is being nickel and dimed. We need Congress to stop printing and spending our money. It hurts us when we spend it, when we send it, and then again when inflation hits.

Do you believe that corporations pay enough in taxes?

It depends on which corporations. The mom and pop corporations are paying too much if you ask us. We got shut down, we are trying to ramp back up and now here comes inflation, the shortage of darn near everything, and gas prices. So small businesses are paying plenty, one way or another. Now big corporations like the NBA, NFL, Walmart, Nike, Amazon, Comcast, Apple, Disney and others may be a different story. What about big Pharma? We just subsidized their growth with our economy and in many cases our bodies. More taxes aren’t alway the answer. The government spends a lot. The people are taxed A LOT. We need to spend less before we start taxing anyone more. The middle class and working class are getting squeezed.

Would you support increases or decreases in the amount of taxes corporations pay? Why?

We have a spending problem in America. We have a printing problem in America. We print and we spend. The people who are doing this were elected by us, and now they vote on bills they don’t read. Then they print our money, and spend it on nonsense. We’re funding gender studies, abortion, and foreign wars. We need to curb our spending and hold our government accountable.

Do the rich, defined as the wealthiest 1%, pay enough in taxes?

Ask them. Most will say they pay too much. The one’s who say they don’t pay enough never offer to pay extra. Did you know if you look at the world as a whole, America is the 1%. Our poorest people in America have $1000 iphones and wear Nike shoes. America is the 1% of the world. So should we take more money from the rich and give it to the poor? That sounds like Robinhood. That’s redistribution. America is a capitalist country. In America, you can start a business, grow it and make money. Or you can get a job. But imagine if you started a business and made a lot of money, and now the people who are bad with money want a piece of your action. They want you to pay off their student loan. They want you to pay for their house. They want you to pay for gender studies and abortions. The USA does’t have an income problem. The USA has a spending problem. Take congress and let them run the companies of the 1% in America, and they’ll ruin the company. I think we’re further ahead to have more people with business experience (like me) involved in government, for a short run as intended.

Would support changes in the tax code that would increase or decrease their tax burden? Why?

I support changes in the tax code that decrease the burden of the middle class and the working class. Businesses need to have incentives to stay in America. If we tax them out of America, we have supply chain problems, and job shortages. If we tax them too much, they’re going to pass that onto the consumer and then it’s a tax on the middle and working class again. Should Apple be able to avoid taxes and use their cash surplus to buy their own stock and hoard cash? No. The middle class needs the relief on the tax front. If the tide doesn’t turn soon, there will not be a middle class left.

Do you support raising taxes on capital gains and dividends? Why?

No. I do not support raising taxes on the middle class. The middle class needs school vouchers so their money follows their children and they have school choice. The middle class needs less of a financial burden. We need to get back to an economy where a family can survive and thrive on a single income, not struggle with two incomes to cover the government’s spending problems. The government has proven to be a poor steward of our finances. Giving the government MORE money doesn’t make sense. We need to give them less so they use it more responsibly.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a breakdown in this country’s supply chain. What would you propose to fix it?

Don’t let governments shut down the economy ever again. The government created this problem. We didn’t shut down the economy for WWII. Our women went to work. Our factories shifted to make planes and fabricate steel. The people who shut our economies down and advised doing so should be held accountable. They shut down the best economy in history over a virus that has a 99.97% survival rate no matter what you do. At minimum these people should have to eat their hat in the town square. That said, we have supply chain, manufacturing and labor issues. We’ve raised generations of people who think they’re going to go to college “so they don’t have to work so hard”. And now, we all hear this mantra over and over: “No one wants to work.” So the answer is stop giving them free stuff and stop lowering the bar. Make opportunity look like work again. Get the government OUT of our lives and get America back to business. Give tax INCENTIVES to businesses to bring manufacturing back to America. Make America energy independent again. Make things in America again.

How would you bring back manufacturing jobs?

Pave the way for industry to thrive. Remove the hurdles that are killing industry here like the war on energy. Provide tax incentives to companies to be in America, and levy tariffs on foreign goods. But really, with such a lag on goods from overseas, and inflated prices plus shipping rates, all these American manufacturers need to do is offer the goods and services we can’t get in a timely fashion for a fair price. Tax breaks can help with that, but may not be required. We need to protect the workers and restore their freedom to work, without papers, or passes or masks etc.

What plans do you have to help the lower and middle class?

For starters, I will represent the middle and working class in D.C. and here at home. No one is doing that. Our reps are only serving the elites. Then we need to give the middle and working class families school choice to level the playing field for all children and families. It shouldn’t take money to get a good education. We need to let the money follow the students so every child has the best chance at a real education void of woke nonsense. Competition among schools will weed out the indoctrination, in favor of true skills and education. Then we need to curb inflation by halting the printing press, spending, and restoring the gold standard. When we fix the education and the money, the middle and working class have the tools we need to succeed.

Do you support the idea that government can require immunizations against COVID-19 or other communicable diseases?


How do you feel about mask mandates?

Mask mandates don’t work to improve a 99.97% survival rate. Mandates are not law. We don’t have kings, or dictators in America. We have three branches of government for good reason. We have a constitution and bill of rights. You can wear a mask, and if you want to you should. But no one has a right to make me or my kids wear a mask or anything else. I sued Governor Pritzker for my kids’ rights to be mask free in school, and we won. I’ll fight for your kids like they’re my own.

Is America prepared for either another round of the current pandemic, or the next one?

America isn’t prepared to fight the fentanyl pandemic at our southern border, unless we secure the border. Illinois isn’t prepared to fight the abortion pandemic (45,000 annually) unless we stop funding it, and Chicago isn’t prepared to end the murder pandemic in the city unless they let their police and prosecutors do their jobs. If we let Biden, Birx, Fauci and Pritzker run the show again, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. The biggest mistake was shutting down the economy, locking down the country, testing healthy people, quarantining healthy people and masking children. This virus has a 99.97% survival rate no matter what you do or do not do.

Do you support new laws or regulations to safeguard people in the event of another pandemic?

I’d support laws to prevent mask mandates and vaccine trials on the public. I’d support laws to keep your medical practices private, and prevent your employer from asking you how you care for your body. The people who were “keeping us safe” killed the economy, the American spirit, and many people. We lost people to suicide, drug overdose, heart irregularities and more. Meanwhile, covid has a 99.97% survival rate no matter what. Additionally, we do not know the long last effects of these experimental vaccines. We won’t for some time. We do however know the effects on our children who have delayed speech, developmental delays and more. Time will tell what impact these mandates had on the people.

Should Medicare be expanded to include dental coverage for older Americans?

Probably. The danger with expanded coverage is it often leads to increased pricing. College prices skyrocketed once student loans were accessible. Now prices are through the roof. The same goes for regular medical treatment in the USA. There would have to be pricing controls. If you can travel to Mexico or Europe and get cheaper dental care, we should be able to find a way to deliver quality dental care to seniors within medicare.

What are the top two threats to our national security?

The number one threat to our national security is the fact that our military, commander in chief, and cabinet have undergone an experimental vaccine. We have no idea what can and will happen to them, and the fact that the military was required to take it without controls and contingency is a serious national security issue. The number two threat to our national security is President Biden’s diminished mental and cognitive abilities. The third threat to our national security is the southern border.

What should be done to eliminate them?

We must never allow a sweeping vaccination trial across our government and military like this ever again.

We need to enlist new military recruits who are unvaccinated immediately. We need to secure our southern border immediately and invoke the 25th amendment to replace President Biden,

What is your position on climate change and what should be done about it?

Human beings who accept boondoggle solutions to “climate change” like the expensive wind mills across Illinois that will never generate more than they cost are damaging our planet while killing birds. They’re enriching their crony-capitalist friends in “green” industries so they all get rich on feelings without competition. Capitalists get stronger with competition. The stronger America is, the better stewards of the planet we can be. But these green policies are designed to weaken America. The rules only apply to those who follow the rules. If America follows the green woke mob, it will empower India, China and other foreign nations who will pick up the slack and just pay the fines or fees for not being “green” enough. Carbon credits and carbon taxes are a new ponzi scheme that will leave America in worse shape than we are now. We need to focus on the environmental issues causing rises in CANCER, infertility, mental illness, and gender dysphoria disorders.

What is your position on nuclear energy expansion?

America needs to be energy independent again. Safe, regulated nuclear energy is in place in Illinois and it works. There needs to be consideration for national security and national infrastructure when planning any expansion and it can’t be rolled out like the windmills that cost a lot and do very little. Measured and tested before expanded broadly.

Should America invest in other forms of renewable energy? Please explain.

Maybe. But better not to declare war on the ones that work for us. Just because it’s renewable doesn’t mean it’s reliable. We know what works, and we need to work towards alternatives that also work, not just make us feel good.

Should pregnant women have the right to get an abortion?

They shut down the economy to “keep each other safe” from a virus that has a 99.97% survival rate. They closed school, and then masked kids when school resumed. They canceled funerals and weddings. They closed churches. There were about 36,000 total covid deaths in Illinois during Covid, total. Meanwhile each year during covid, Illinois had 45,000+ abortions. Why aren’t we trying to keep everyone safe? Why are you calling it a “right” to get an abortion? I want to protect life. Children need to be protected, no matter how old they are.

Is the immigration system a problem in this country? If so, what is your plan to fix it?

We need to secure the border immediately. We had the money, and we sent it to Ukraine to defend their border. Meanwhile, fentanyl poors into our southern border while we roll out the red carpet for gangs, and sex trafficking. Then we pay for it all anyway. Our federal, state, local governments and corporations have instituted unconstitutional vaccine and mask mandates on the free

Do American cities have a crime problem?

Not just cities. It’s leaking out into the suburbs too. They handcuffed the cops and let the criminals free. We need to restore law and order and let the police do their jobs. Then we need prosecutors who will prosecute. Secure the border, end sanctuary cities, get more citizens armed and trained to carry firearms and watch the crime shrink. We need national Concealed carry.

If so, what is your suggestion to solve it?

Not just cities. It’s leaking out into the suburbs too. They handcuffed the cops and let the criminals free. We need to restore law and order and let the police do their jobs. Then we need prosecutors who will prosecute. Secure the border, end sanctuary cities, get more citizens armed and trained to carry firearms and watch the crime shrink. We need national Concealed carry.

Should police officers have qualified immunity in cases involving alleged excessive force or other misconduct?

We need to empower our police to do their jobs. They can’t be afraid of losing their jobs, or their freedom for doing their job. If they’re good enough to do the job, they need to be backed up and supported. If they’re not fit for the badge they need to be removed. Like all people, they are innocent until proven guilty.

Are there any limits to the Second Amendment?


Do you support any restrictions on gun purchases or other stricter gun control measures including citizens’ access to military style weaponry?

I dont know what you mean by”military style weapon”. That could be anything. Do you think an AR-15 is military style? Police in the suburbs carry ARs. Generally, I do not support restrictions on law abiding citizens.

Illinois, along with many states across the country, have legalized marijuana making it legal for people to buy and use it. Marijuana, however, is still illegal at the federal level. Do you support legalizing marijuana nationally? Why or why not?

Medicinal yes. Recreational No. I don’t support it for recreation in Illinois or Naperville where I live. It’s a bad move. It’s not fueled economic growth. It’s not curbing illegal use. It’s not making it “safer”. It’s just making it more common. I’m not against the concept, just the impact. That said, making it legal national is really a function of baking and taxation. It will make it easier for those in that business. I understand that, but I will not support it. Even without my support, it will likely pass when it reaches the floor.

Did Joe Biden win the 2020 election?

He’s in the Whitehouse. Should he have won? No.

Would you have voted to ratify his presidency?

I will always stand up for truth and justice and represent the people of Illinois.

What is your position on the Jan. 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol?

I don’t have access to the intelligence or the investigation. All We The People see is the media narrative, and the spin of talking heads from both sides. Congress needs to do their job, and the Capital Police need to do theirs. The people have the right to assemble peacefully. Most of the people in D.C. did that. One of those people was killed. I saw video of people misbehaving outside the building, and I saw footage of staff opening doors and escorting calm people through the capital. Some of the people who were finally charged for the activities of January 6th were recently acquitted by a judge. That’s how justice works in America. The constitution provides We the People certain protections FROM the government like a right to face your accuser, a speedy trial and innocent until proven guilty. The media has done exponentially more damage to threaten our Constitution and what it stands for than anyone on January 6th.

Was it an insurrection?

I wasn’t there, but if it was then I suppose the Capitol protest during the Kavanaugh hearings were too.

Should people convicted of a crime related to their participation in the riot ever be pardoned?

I dont have enough information to comment.

Should voters be required to show an ID to vote?

Yes. In order for America to continue to be the greatest nation in the history of the world, we must maintain our constitution and bill of rights. Our citizens must be able to have faith and confidence in our elections and our currency. In order for our elections to have integrity, we must ensure only our citizens vote legally. The best way to ensure this is to show proof of citizenship at the polling place. We must provide I.D. to drive, buy & carry firearms, bank, work, buy liquor, marijuana (in some states) and fly on a plane. In some areas, people have been required to show proof of vaccination in order to EAT. It’s not unreasonable to require voters to show proof they are eligible to vote. I find your wording odd “19 states have passed laws restricting access to voting”...as these laws do not restrict access to voting. Everyone still has “access to voting”. Your wording and framing of these laws is part of the problem. Putting a spin on initiatives to ensure voter integrity is dangerous and irresponsible. You have to show a membership ID to get into Sam’s Club & Costco, and if you don’t - they don’t let you inside. The USA is the best club on planet earth, and if you want to puck who gets to govern, and vote on how we spend money you need to show your membership. If you’re not a member and want to be, you can apply. My great grandfathers Albert Dubiel (Poland) & Vincent DeSantis (Italy) both did it, and they risked death to get here with just a few bucks.

Would you, as a member of Congress, ever vote against certifying presidential electoral votes submitted by states’ official voting authorities?

I will always stand up for truth and represent the people of Illinois.