Silvy: So much for change, we’re witnessing a familiar Bears disaster unfold

There are no easy solutions to issues at Halas Hall

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Eberflus gives his offensive coordinator Luke Getsy five after a touchdown against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Sunday, Sept. 17, 2023, in Tampa, Fla.

The football gods work in mysterious and evil ways.

As if it’s not enough that the Bears have lost 12 straight games dating to October.

Or that the Packers whipped the Bears for the ninth time in a row to open the season.

We have now reached a time where we wonder if Justin Fields is the long-term answer going forward.

And it only took two games in 2023 to get here.

Tough pill to swallow, ain’t it?

Wait, the football gods aren’t done torturing us.

As if it’s not enough to come to the realization that it could be back to the drawing board at quarterback, a worn-out board for the Bears in the modern era. ...

This realization comes just as the Bears happen to play Patrick freakin’ Mahomes, the guy they should’ve drafted instead of Mitch Trubisky, and who is on his way to becoming one of the greatest players the sport has ever seen.

Mahomes could’ve been ours and would’ve forever solved the Bears’ quarterback riddle.

His popularity in this town would rival Michael Jordan’s in his prime.

For context, Mahomes has the highest winning percentage for a QB in NFL history at 79.3%

Guess who has the lowest? You guessed it, Fields at 18.5%

Fox now will showcase this matchup for the entire country to see.


Please make it stop.

Unfortunately for Bears fans like us, it never stops. The circle of suck has spun out of control for years.

Here are some examples of the vicious circle at Halas Hall:

• After Phil Emery is hired as GM, he is ordered by ownership to keep Lovie Smith as coach for a year. After that year, he fires Smith and hires Marc Trestman instead of Bruce Arians. Emery and Trestman last two seasons together before being fired.

• Ryan Pace gets the GMs job and is ordered by ownership to hire John Fox as his coach. Pace never trusts Fox since he’s not “his” guy and doesn’t include him in the draft process of Trubisky. Despite the lack of trust, it’s up to Fox to develop Trubisky during his important rookie season. Pace fires Fox and hires Matt Nagy to help Trubisky. Two years later, Nick Foles is Nagy’s starting quarterback.

• It’s obvious to most that Pace and Nagy needed to be fired after that 2020 season with Trubisky never developing into the Bears’ franchise QB. Instead, they’re allowed to stay AND draft the next franchise guy in Fields. Nagy then wastes a year developing Fields, and both him and Pace are shown the door after 2021.

• The Bears interview coaching candidates, including Matt Eberflus, before GM Ryan Poles is hired.

So is it any wonder we’re here again questioning everything before the calendar has even changed to October?

I’m still not out on Fields and still believe he has plenty of ability, but it’s no wonder we’re here again when the Bears have run the same backward playbook. Coaches inheriting the previous regime’s QB. General managers forced to keep/hire coaches they don’t want. Rinse and repeat. We can’t help ourselves getting excited for the dawn of a new football season thinking it’s going to be different. Reality sets in. Losses pile up. And everything seems broken.

As usual, there’s no easy fix at Halas.

Fields isn’t processing in the pocket and should be providing many more solutions if he’s truly a franchise quarterback. Luke Getsy has gone from the next great thing to the next John Shoop faster than Chase Claypool whiffing on a block and is clearly not playing to Fields’ strengths. The offensive line is bad and patched together. Other than DJ Moore and Roschon Johnson, the Bears’ skill players are M.I.A. As my cohost Tom Waddle has joked, Pedro Grifol might as well turn to Eberflus and say, “hold my beer.” Shame on me for thinking the Bears had their house in order before the season began.

I blame the football gods.

• Marc Silverman shares his opinions on the Bears weekly for Shaw Local. Tune in and listen to the “Waddle & Silvy” show weekdays from 2 to 6 p.m. on ESPN 1000.

Marc Silverman

Marc Silverman

Marc Silverman shares his opinions on the Bears weekly for Shaw Local. Tune in and listen to the Waddle & Silvy show weekdays from 2 to 6 p.m. on ESPN 1000.