Silvy: Let’s not mince words: Bears weren’t ready to play Sunday

And there’s plenty of blame to go around

Chicago Bears head coach Matt Eberflus watches his team during a game against the Green Bay Packers Sunday, Sept. 10, 2023, in Chicago.

My name is Marc, and I like to boo.

That’s not exactly true. I don’t like to boo, but I find it necessary when it applies.

And the Bears’ performance against the Packers was boo-worthy. From start to finish.

Here we are again. Another stinker and instead of putting his head down to fix things, Jaquan Brisker has an issue with the fans’ reaction at Soldier Field. Hey Jaquan, we were really yelling, “boo-ears!”

I like Brisker. He’s a good player and has a chance to be great. Most of all, he cares about being great.

And that’s what I would explain to him.

We boo because WE care.

We boo because we love.

If you’re a parent and your child misbehaves, do you cheer them?

Absolutely not. You show your dissatisfaction and tell them that you have a higher standard for them.

Same thing here.

I was hosting the pregame show for ESPN 1000 and couldn’t remember better energy at Soldier Field.

And this was coming off a 3-14 season. That’s a lot of misbehaving!

Fans were optimistic. The feeling positive. The building was loud.

And then the Bears soiled themselves. Again.

So we scolded them.

What Brisker and other players who walk through those doors at Halas Hall don’t understand is that while they’re new to the Bears/Packers rivalry or haven’t lost a ton (yet), we have seen things with these eyes. We have lived through horror shows. We have the mental scars. We’re tired of watching losses.

I have called the Bears’ revolving door of quarterbacks, coaches and general managers “the circle of suck.” There hasn’t been sustained success with the Bears since the 1980s. Yet, we all keep coming back hoping a new era of Bears football is coming. We are loyal. We are fair. We want to love.

Yet, after a full offseason to prepare ...

  • Luke Getsy decided to run a Cole Kmet sneak on the Bears’ first possession instead of letting the NFL’s most dynamic playmaker, Justin Fields, make a play.
  • The Bears targeted DJ Moore only twice after trading away the No. 1 pick for him.
  • Fields took an unnecessary red-zone sack, lost a fumble, threw a pick six and missed numerous open receivers. While he didn’t get a lot of help, Fields HAS to show more if he is going to be the guy.
  • Matt Eberflus allowed Nate Davis and Chase Claypool to play when they clearly haven’t followed his basic H.I.T.S. principle. How about some tough love, Matt?
  • The Bears’ 10% pass rush win rate is the lowest in the NFL since 2021, according to Pro Football Focus. How about blitzing a young QB, Matt? Why let Jordan Love get comfortable?
  • The Bears now have lost nine straight to the Packers, 10 straight in the division, and 11 straight games overall.

Any fan base that wouldn’t act negatively to all of that is a fan base that I don’t want to be a part of.

Chicago is the Goldilocks of big city fan bases. We are just right.

Sports is the center of the universe for most of us. We live it. We breathe it.

But we are not Philly, New York or Boston. If Brisker thinks we’re tough here, try one of those three cities out for size.

Boston fans are almost done with Bill Belichick. He’s only the greatest NFL coach ever. We just want to beat the Packers a few times.

My greatest fear against the Packers came true. While most players were available, the Bears weren’t ready to play. There’s a big difference. Training camp and preseason was a big waste of time under Eberflus.

The offensive line lacked chemistry. Many players weren’t in shape to play a regular-season game. And now it’s going to be 90 degrees in Tampa on Sunday. Good luck. While there are no “must win” games in Week 2, I’d say losing to Jordan Love and Baker Mayfield to open the season will end any optimism for 2023. Then it’s Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Chris Jones and the Chiefs in KC for Week 3.

First things first. I’ve got the Bears somehow finding a way to win 20-17.

Another example how truly easy we are in this town.

After all of that, I’m picking them to win.

While we boo, we want to love. Give me a reason to love, Bears.


• Marc Silverman shares his opinions on the Bears weekly for Shaw Local. Tune in and listen to the “Waddle & Silvy” show weekdays from 2 to 6 p.m. on ESPN 1000.

Marc Silverman

Marc Silverman

Marc Silverman shares his opinions on the Bears weekly for Shaw Local. Tune in and listen to the Waddle & Silvy show weekdays from 2 to 6 p.m. on ESPN 1000.