Police search for 3 accused of stealing thousands of dollars from 91-year-old Antioch-area man

Police: Man’s checks were stolen, altered

Top row, left to right, Jessica C. Garlock, Elizabeth M. Tiskevich, and bottom row, David S. Kaminski.

Police are searching for three people who they say made thousands of dollars by altering checks they stole from the mailbox of a 91-year-old Antioch-area man.

Arrest warrants have been issued for David S. Kaminski, 40; Jessica C. Garlock, 27; and Elizabeth M. Tiskevich, 32, Lake County sheriff’s Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli said Wednesday.

Covelli said the investigation dates back to April 2, 2022, when a 91-year-old man living in the area between Grass Lake and Fox Lake southwest of Antioch reported he had been receiving late notices on bills he’d paid. Further investigation revealed someone had taken his checks, altered them and cashed them, Covelli said.

After a several-month investigation, which included gathering bank documents, reviewing video surveillance and conducting several interviews, deputies presented their case to the Lake County state’s office, which approved the charges against Kaminski, Garlock and Tiskevich.

Covelli said detectives are searching for all three. When any one of the three is captured, the warrant calls for bail to be set at $150,000, which means they would need to pay $15,000 in cash to be released from jail.

According to officials, the last known address for Kaminski was the 200 block of Lakewood Drive in Antioch. No permanent addresses were listed for Garlock or Tiskevich.