Putnam County property transfers: December 2022

Putnam County Courthouse

Here are the Putnam County property transfers for December of 2022.

Dec. 2

Marcin and Aneta Wadolkowski to Scot and Jeanette Hyatt, deed, 03-00-036-230 Lake Thunderbird Hills L:215, $290,000.

Matthew Hostetter to Margarito Castro-Perez and Roxana Coria-Quintana, deed, 02-00-080-280 Lincolnshire Addition - Granville, $169,900.

Mary Jo and Patrick Barry to Patrick, Mary Jo and Colin Barry, deed, 01-21-010-000 Q:SW S:25 T:32 R:2, $0.

Donald Bouxsein to Brett and Brittany Crite, deed, 01-05-023-000 Q:NW S:2 T:31 R:2, $0.

Dec. 5

Mark and Mary Judd to Darrell Marquis, deed, 01-12-262-000 Q:NW S:12 T:32 R:2, $850,000.

Dale Corcoran to Garrett Shan, deed, 02-00-097-250 Village of Standard L:50, $75,000.

Dec. 7

Elizabeth Rylee to David Schwigen, deed, 03-00-061-160, 03-00-061-170 Lake Thunderbird Woods L:232 and 231, $0.

Dec. 8

William Sarricola to Mary Beth and Dawn Marie Ziano, deed, 03-00-026-060 Senachwine L:9, $9,000.

Stephen Roesch to Paul and John Roesch, deed, 04-24-090-000, 04-26-042-000, Q:SW S:26 T:31 R:2 and Q:NW S:35 T:31 R:2, $0.

Dec. 12

Terry Egen to Luke Egan, deed, 02-00-047-260, 02-00-047-270 CH Smith Addition - Granville L:12 and 11, $0.

Francisco and Diana Ponce to Gintautas Rakita and Danguole Brazinskaite, deed, 03-00-079-110 Indian Hills L:75, $185,000.

Jeremy and Gina Urnikis to Jason and Amy Cimei, deed, 02-00-040-260, 02-05-261-001, 02-05-261-003 Village of Granville L: 7 B:4, L:2 B:4, L:1 B:4 and L:8 B:4, $0.

Dec. 13

Robert Griffith to People of the State of Illinois Department of Transportation, deed, 04-08-011-000 Q:NE S:15 T:31 R:1, $1,447.20.

Robert and Lisa Draper to Sara Biagini and Gabriel Doyle, deed, 02-14-172-000 Q:NE S:17 T:32 R:1, $0.

Dec. 16

Dollie Borostowski to Romana, Laura and Michael Borostowski, deed, 02-00-044-150 William Laughlin’s Addition - Granville, $0.

Terry and Sandra Blitsch to Terry Blitsch (Trustee), Sandra Blitsch (Trustee), Terry and Sandra Blitsch (Living Trust), deed, 03-00-048-230 Lake Thunderbird Hills Plat #3 L:585, $0.

Dec. 19

James Engleking to Swan Lake Club, deed, 01-05-021-000 Q:NW S:2 T:31 R:2, $0.

Dena Vicknair to Michael and Allison Davis, deed, 04-21-063-000, $0.

William and Amy Sommer to Aguirre and Torri Angulo, deed, 02-00-079-090 Lincolnshire Addition - Granville, $0.

Dec. 21

Lee Gabehart to Randy Peterson, deed, 03-00-081-210 Indian Hills L:149, $0.

Randall Kierski to Tiffany Mennie, deed, Village of Mark L:33, 35 and 36, $0.

Ryan and Jennifer Heit to Mark Montgomery, deed, Lake Thunderbird Woods L:302, 303 and 301, $0.

Dec. 27

Ireneusz Chmur to Katarzyna Dizonno, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills L:186 and 185, $0.

Kryzysztof Truchel to Ireneusz Chmur, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills L:186 and 185, $0.

Dec. 28

Katheryn Bruhl (Trustee) and Sandy Acres (Trust) to Andrew and Jennifer Noe, deed, Q:NW S:7 T:31 R:1, $0.

Robert Read (Trustee), Julia Read (Trustee), Robert Read (Living Trust) and Julia Read (Living Trust) to Philip Read, deed, 03-06-171-000 Q:NW S:26 T:14 R:9, $0.

Wieslaw Labedz to Paul and Kathleen Karwoski, deed, 03-00-035-320 Lake Thunderbird Hills L:192, $0.

Dec. 29

Raymond Blackburn ro Nicole and Jake Johnson, deed, 03-00-071-070 Lake Thunderbird Woods Plat #3 L:548, $0.

Donna Mekley to Michelle Bradish, Vicki Bima and Elmer Mekley, deed, 01-06-140-00 Q:SE S:12 T:31 R:2, $0.

AAC Farms of Hennepin to Robert Biagi and Lisa Anderson, deed, multiple properties, $0.

Robert Biagi and Lisa Anderson to AAC Farms of Hennepin, deed, multiple properties, $0.

Dec. 30

Aaron and Janelle Weddell to Jessica Guadiana, deed, 02-00-080-090 Lincolnshire Addition- Granville, $0.

David Hauger to Zagrit LLC, deed, 02-00-100-030 F. W. Sucher’s First Addition - Standard, $0.