Putnam County District #535 to destroy temporary special education records

Access to the records can be accessed through May 31

Brea Schorn, a student at Putnam County High School, participates in the new induction of National Honor Society members as a current member.

The Special Education Office for Putnam County School District #535 has announced that it plans to destroy all temporary special education records of students who have transferred, graduated or have otherwise permanently withdrawn from school by the end of the 2016-2017 school year.

Information that will be destroyed includes intelligence test scores, evaluations, IEP’s psychological reports, social/developmental histories and other data classified as “temporary records” in the Illinois Records Act.

The files will not include academic transcripts, attendance records or other records contained in the student permanent record.

Access to the special education records by parents/guardians or students aged 18 or older may be obtained by contacting the Special Education Office at 815-882-2800, opt. 8 no later than May 31.