Write Team: Making something out of nothing

We all know only God can make something from nothing.

This is a fact that not even science can disprove. The miracle of life is an amazing thing to witness.

I was sitting outside yesterday evening, looking at my flourishing garden. I love watching a tiny seed turn into something that is a sprawling oasis of sustenance. Nobody but myself eats vegetables in my house, but I still continue to grow impressively wild gardens. Are they blue-ribbon worthy or magazine quality? No, but again, it is amazing to watch the transformation of a tiny stem turn into life-sustaining food. So I grow it and then receive even more joy by giving it away.

My love of being a mother and a creator of life is like watching things grow. I look at the amazing result of what started out as a microscopic organism and turned into the most wonderful being that has its own personality, hopes, fears, dreams, intelligence and faith.

Watching my children grow brings me endless enjoyment. Just like the natural order of things, we have our good days and our bad days when it comes to raising children, but I would say that on the whole, there is infinitely more good than bad.

It is truly amazing to observe the transformation that my children have gone through from childhood to adulthood. These wonderful people who Stephen and I produced is nothing short of a miracle.

Another example of making something from nothing is my love of authors. Books feel the same way to me. I think of truly gifted writers, such as Sarah Lyons Fleming, who can take a blank piece of paper and turn it into something so life-transforming as a fantastic story, an escape from reality, or a whole new world and reality of its own. Then I want to share what she has done with the whole world by telling everyone I encounter. Anything she writes, I give away as gifts so people can fall in love with someone they have never met.

Each day, it is expected the sun will rise and every day it does. The process of the sun rising is not something we are very reticent about. We just take it for granted. This is not such a bad thing; it doesn’t make us ungrateful people. Like watching a plant or child grow or reading a story that developed as nothing more than a thought. It is nothing short of the miracles that God gives us every day. All we must do is remember to thank him every once in a while.

• Christina Elnicki is a mother of five and has been married for 26 years. She lives in Oglesby and works in Spring Valley at a nursing home. She can be reached at dbarichello@shawmedia.com.