Write Team: ‘Love is a song that never ends’

“Love is a song that never ends. Life can be swift and fleeting. Hope may die yet life’s beautiful music, Comes each day like the dawn.”

That’s the first verse of the opening ballad from Disney’s “Bambi.” Beautiful lyrics. The second verse is better. But Bill, you promised no more music quotes. OK, I apologize, but I bring this up for a reason. I came across this meme that had the 12 greatest lyrics from Disney movies and this song was not one of them.

Outrageous! Here is my point. Disney (or whomever) put out this list to get clicks or make people think about Disney parks, movies or characters, most likely merchandise. I don’t know who did. I don’t know how they think or feel or reason. So they will not aggravate or guide me. As I said last week, I shall put forth the great quotes from the great minds and you draw your own conclusions and maybe do your own research. My conclusion here is to not ever follow some anonymous person’s opinion about anything. They need a track record for me to listen, not just an Instagram account.

So living in Ottawa, I have decided to begin with a few quotes from Abraham Lincoln. If you don’t live in Ottawa, you may not know one of the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates occurred here. Hint, this is one of those things from history to research on your own. They were fascinating.

Here is the first quote, “I will prepare and someday my chance will come.” When he thought that, do you think he was possibly thinking about preparing to be president during the Civil War? God knows what we are preparing for, but one thing is for sure, you had best use your time now wisely and prepare. If it was good enough for Lincoln, it might be a talisman for my own behaviors.

Here’s another, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” Well, he did not create the Civil War, but I think we can ascertain that he saw it coming. The topic was debated often and passionately during the famous debates with Stephen Douglas in 1858, three years before the outbreak of war. Remember, those debates were for the U.S. Senate. Arguably, Lincoln won the debates, but he lost the election. At this point, did Lincoln see himself prepared for this appointed task or destined to fail?

At some point during the war, I believe he said, “I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.”

Certainly, these sustained him. I often have wondered what gave Lincoln strength during the relentless and crushing realities of America’s bloodiest war. Perhaps his mothers’ prayers, perhaps he knew love is a song that never ends. There is inexhaustible reading available on Lincoln and we live in the heart of Lincoln country, so it might behoove you to avail yourself.

Here’s the thing: I am not drawing any conclusions, nor am I telling you what to think or say or do. I put these before you to consider how they may apply to you in your life. The world and its problems swirl around us and often beyond our ability to fix or change, so we had better prepare ourselves by improving our own self first because to paraphrase Lincoln, someday, your chance will come.

Now, if you haven’t listened to that song yet, here is the second verse:

“Love is a song that never ends, one simple theme repeating,

Like the voice of a heavenly choir, Love’s sweet music flows on … "

Am I right? Isn’t this song lovely? Until next time, God bless you.

• William Peterson recently retired to Ottawa after working in the hotel industry for 40-plus years. He can be reached at dbarichello@shawmedia.com.