WRITE TEAM: I may be more thrilled with Aaron Rodgers’ engagement than he is

My wife has said that she can see how Aaron Rodgers seems to lose some of his concentration when his State Farm commercials start airing during the football season. I tend to agree with her, but I have to think those are filmed in the off season, but maybe not. After all, didn’t Patrick Mahomes have a terrible performance in the Super Bowl after he started appearing in the commercials with Rodgers? This made me wonder, how will Rodgers’ recently announced engagement affect his play, or will it? Is this intentionally caused by the Illinois-based State Farm?

I think it has the possibility of improving his decision-making skills out on the field. First, he is now engaged to a Packer fan; not like Danica Patrick [Bear fan “converted” to Packer fan.] If he truly is in love, like he claims to be, winning will take on even more importance. If she is anything like me, it is obvious how devastated she will be after a loss. As her loving fiancé, he will work hard to be sure she doesn’t endure such pain. He is even talking about eventual fatherhood. I see in this that he is getting serious about responsibility.

In other good signs from Green Bay, the willingness by David Bakhtiari, and defensive back Adrian Amos to restructure their salary agreements, reminds me of Packer players of the past doing things that are good for the team. As the only publicly [fan] owned NFL team, there is an appreciation in Green Bay and amongst Packer fans of the players. I believe the Packers are much freer to do the right thing, bringing a winning team to Wisconsin with less concern about profit. The only team that seems to come close to this, at least this last year, is Tampa Bay.

In baseball, the Cubs have this same strong fan support. My two favorite teams have this quality. Is there any doubt why I like them both? Jake Arrieta’s return helps me feel that the love of the team and fans exists with the Cubs like the Packers. As I mentioned in a previous column, the Cubs going to their own pay television station really tarnished their reputation with me. I don’t have Dr. Vesely to discuss the Cubs with since he sold his practice. Even as a devoted White Sox fan, he would objectively discuss the Cubs, when he realized I was a fan.

I hope you had a wonderful and safe Easter yesterday. I look forward to Easter Lilies around the altar at First Baptist [I wrote this column before you read it.] I’ve missed flowers there this last year. They are a hopeful sign of returning to some form of normalcy, as more of our congregation gets their vaccinations.

Now, as I know my Packers will probably face Andy Dalton in Chicago, and I look forward to the draft and free agency, that seems more normal too.

Rodney Verdine, hated a little less by his brother-in-law, but loved by his wife, Marie, can be reached at tsloup@shawmedia.com.