Trailer released on Starved Rock murders documentary

‘The Murders at Starved Rock’ to be aired Dec. 14-15 on HBO

A documentary film featuring Chester Weger, paroled after serving six decades for murder, is in the works. Much of the footage was supplied by La Salle native David Raccuglia, who spoke with and photographed Weger after release.

A trailer now has been released about the forthcoming documentary about the 1960 murders at Starved Rock State Park.

As previously reported, “The Murders at Starved Rock” will be aired Dec. 14-15 on HBO. The trailer can be viewed at:

The documentary is said to be a sprawling analysis of the murders of three suburban Chicago women and its lengthy aftermath, which has extended in 2021. Earlier this week, a Dec. 9 conference was set for packaging and labeling of aged evidence to be transferred to a private lab for forensic analysis.

The petitioner, Chester Weger, hopes the evidence will corroborate his longstanding protests of innocence. He initially confessed to killing three women but recanted. He was sentenced to life in prison but was paroled in 2019 after nearly six decades in custody.