La Salle County crop and rainfall report: Hot weather brought little to no rain

Fungicide has been applied to most cornfields

The summer crop and rainfall report, which features crop condition and rainfall updates from La Salle County farmers, is published regularly during the growing season. The following report covers July 19 to 25 and is provided with assistance from the La Salle County Farm Bureau.

David Hall, Serena: A fairly quiet week both weather-wise and activity-wise. We received 0.1 inches total rainfall for the week. Hot and humid weather have kept activities to a minimum, but we worked on some equipment and mowed some ditches. Many took the time for a vacation before school returns. Fungicide is still being applied to both corn and soybeans. Corn is about through pollination, and the cooler forecasted temps will help with grain fill. Soybeans are beginning to set pods and look healthy. Have a safe week!

David Myer, Marseilles: No report this week.

Bill Gray, Tonica/Lostant: Last week I received no rain.

The corn and soybean crops continue to mature and look pretty good. There have been planes and helicopters applying fungicide to some of the cornfields in my area and very soon, there will be fungicide applications on soybean fields. Roadsides are being mowed and soon we will be getting ready for harvest. We’ve seen several fawns and antler growth on some of the local bucks looks pretty good. Archery season will be here before we know it. Been hearing coyotes howling too, guess we didn’t get them all last year. Have a good week and be safe.

Ken Bernard, Grand Ridge: For the week we only received a trace of rain, but a lot of humidity and hot temps. Very uncomfortable weather and the fact that we had cut hay and it would not dry, it got sun bleached and was cut for five days before we could get it baled.

Corn has all been sprayed with fungicide and most of the beans have been or will be sprayed. This still is perfect weather for this yield robbing fungus to grow. Looks like it may cool down this weekend a little. Not much else to report, have a safe week coming up!

Geoffrey Janssen, Rutland: Another warm week in the southern part of the county. I received 0.4 inches of rain. Corn pollination is going well. Aerial application of fungicide for corn is going on, some fungicide is being applied to soybeans. Crops are growing rapidly with the heat and moisture. No pests to report at this time. Spring equipment is still getting cleaned up. Combines are starting to emerge from the buildings getting ready for fall.

Rainfall (in inches):

David Hall 0.1

Bill Gray 0

Ken Bernard 0

Geoffrey Janssen 0.4