Ottawa council renews civic use permit for former glass plant

Resident says she likes city maintaining stewardship of property

A concerned Ottawa citizen wanted to make sure the city of Ottawa kept using the property of the former Peltier Glass Co., rather than sell it.

The property, located at 518 through 524 Deleon St., has been under a conditional use permit for the city to store seasonal equipment. This allows it to keep its industrial zoning.

Commissioners renewed the conditional use permit for the property.

Peltier closed in May 2010 and Joann Jones, who has lived on nearby Walnut Street for 47 years, said her major concern is whether or not the city continues using the property for civic use.

“The city has done a pretty good job with the property of 518 to 524 Deleon Street, and I’m fortunate to live on the east side of the building where the warehouse and building grounds aren’t in unsightly conditions,” Jones said.

Jones isn’t sure if another civic organization or owner would take as good of care of the property as the city has.

She’s also concerned with safety on the property, as the property hasn’t seen much upkeep and vandals. Jones would like to see the city clean up the building further and continue going after grant money for the cleanup.