Business Happenings: New sign, new name for Ottawa barbershop

Also Ottawa, Streator seasonal business reopen

Exclusive Fades #2 in Ottawa changed its business name to Fade Master.

A new vinyl sign was put up Saturday to signify the name change at 216 W. Main St. in Ottawa.

Streator ice cream shop reopens

The Big Dipper, 1901 S. Bloomington St., announced its reopening this past weekend.

“The weather is breaking, Big Dipper is open 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. daily,” the announcement stated.

Ottawa garden center reopens for the season

Garden’s Gate Garden Center and Landscaping, 611 E. Dayton Road, Ottawa, will reopen Monday, April 5, for the season. The business is a professional landscaping and garden center.

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