Marseilles receives $550,000 in Community Development Block grants

Letters sent to qualifying residents

The city of Marseilles has again received $550,000 in Community Development Block grants from the state that allows it to remodel homes in town within the area from Bluff Street south to the Illinois River and Main Street east to Chicago Street.

Mayor Jim Hollenbeck said he’s happy the city was able to receive the grant again and more information will be available at upcoming meetings.

“I don’t anticipate any changes in the requirements from last time but we never know,” Hollenbeck said. “You have to own the house and you can’t sell the house for five years. You have to be low-to-moderate income or disabled.”

Hollenbeck said issues addressing public health and safety, such as water, sewer, plumbing and electrical issues need to be fixed before addressing cosmetic issues.

Homes that apply are eligible for up to $50,000 in grant money and up to 10 homes can be selected.

A letter was issued to qualifying residents letting them know a public meeting will be conducted in late September/early October to discuss the details of the program and assist with applications. If a home is selected, construction would be tentatively set for next spring.