La Salle County jurors can get notices on their smart phones

Software upgrades now permit online completion of documents, too

Have you been summoned for jury duty? Soon, you’ll be able to use your computer and smart phone to complete forms and get notifications.

Soon, jury duty in La Salle County will become more “user friendly” with new software upgrades, according to a county press release issued Wednesday.

La Salle County Jury Commission has modernized the jury software system to a web-based program that would allow jurors to conveniently complete their juror questionnaire online.

The new system will also allow jurors to electronically request excusals and deferrals, receive notifications by opting in to text and email messages regarding their jury service, upload documents to the juror self-service portal and obtain work certificates upon completion of their jury service.

Online participation promotes better accessibility, decreases costs, and increases efficiency for both the jurors and La Salle County.

Jurors can continue to contact the Jury Commission office by phone and mail; however, now jurors will be able to use their computers and cell phones to complete forms and receive notifications.

The ability to use technology for the jury process has been a top priority for the Jury Commission office. The 13th Judicial Circuit Court of La Salle County greatly appreciates and values our juror’s service and time.