Mystery Diner in Streator: La Casa Jalisco a fun downtown option

Sizable chimichangas covered in cheese sauce were a highlight of our meal

The pollo ranchero at La Casa Jalisco in Streator comes with rice and refried beans.

Every time I dine at La Casa Jalisco Mexican Restaurant in Streator, I’m amazed at the different crowds here, including groups of teenagers and pre-teens having lunch or dinner.

The restaurant lends itself to a casual dinner for two, as well as being a good place for families and groups of four or more. The menu is extensive, including an array of Tex-Mex items, so it is hard to imagine someone not finding something they like to eat.

Operating out of what used to be a Pizza Hut restaurant years ago, the eatery has booths that are comfortable and roomy, giving diners a window view outside. The dining destination conveniently is located in the heart of Streator, right across the street from City Hall, making it an easy stop if you are shopping downtown or going to events at City Park.

Like at so many Mexican restaurants, the dinner begins with chips and salsa. The salsa at La Casa Jalisco is homemade and has a wonderful fresh taste, with good bits of tomato and onion.

Chips and salsa are served to begin the meal at La Casa Jalisco in Streator.

I ordered the pollo ranchero, which presents thin slices of chicken breast in a red sauce. The entrée was served with refried beans and rice. The sauce gets a thumbs-up grade from me. It tasted almost like a tangy hot wing sauce, and I’d definitely order it again.

In a case where my eyes were bigger than my stomach, I also opted for a ground beef chimichanga. The chimichangas at La Casa Jalisco are terrific. They are like simplified, deep-fried burritos, filled with either ground beef or pork, and covered with a white cheese sauce.

A ground beef chimichanga covered in cheese sauce from La Casa Jalisco in Streator.

My dinner companion ordered her items a la carte. She chose a cheese enchilada and a pork tamale to go with a chimichanga.

An enchilada and a pork tamale from La Casa Jalisco in Streator.

The menu is pretty broad when it comes to Tex-Mex cuisine. Burritos, enchiladas, tacos, chalupas, chile rellenos and chimichangas are just some of the menu items. The restaurant also serves tostadas and fajitas, as well as a number of signature chicken and steak dinners.

The food is reasonably priced, which makes it easy for younger diners or large families to have a nice meal. My dinner companion and I were able to fill up, and have plenty of leftovers, for less than $35 (before tip).

If you find yourself in the Streator area, and have a hankering for Tex-Mex and classic Mexican dishes, La Casa Jalisco is an appealing option.

La Casa Jalisco in Streator

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WHAT: La Casa Jalisco Mexican Restaurant

WHERE: 101 E. Bridge St., Streator

PHONE: 815-673-5070

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