Returning to School Can Enhance Your Career

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Returning to school for a career change or to gain additional credentials can be a transformative step in one’s professional life. Whether you’re seeking to switch fields, move into management, or add new skills to your resume, the process may seem daunting but is entirely achievable with the right approach.

The first stage of this journey involves determining whether going back to school is necessary for your career goals. A thorough investigation of the skills and qualifications required for your desired role can help make this decision. This can be done by reviewing job descriptions and talking to professionals in the field.

Next comes choosing the right program. It’s important to consider your career aspirations, the time commitment involved, and the financial implications of your choice. Lewis University offers a range of career-focused programs designed to help individuals transition smoothly into a new career or enhance their current one.

Financing your education is a crucial aspect of the process. Explore all available options, including scholarships, grants, loans, and tuition assistance programs. Some companies offer tuition reimbursement for employees seeking to further their education.

Application requirements typically include transcripts and letters of recommendation. It’s essential to plan ahead, as gathering these documents can take some time.

Once accepted into a program, managing your time effectively becomes critical, especially if you balance work, family, and school. Online courses offer flexibility, allowing you to fit learning into your schedule.

Returning to school can significantly improve employability and open new career opportunities despite the challenges. Lewis University offers various resources, such as career services, networking opportunities, and internship programs, to help students gain practical experience and build professional connections.

At Lewis University, we are committed to supporting students through every step of their educational journey. Visit us online at to learn more about how we can help you achieve your career goals.

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