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Lewis University - Can Social Justice Advocates Make a Real Difference?

For those passionate about the cause of social justice and helping others, the Department of Social Work at Lewis University can provide an invaluable opportunity to make a real difference. With the proper education and experience, social justice advocates can significantly impact their communities.

Perhaps most importantly, earning this degree shows potential employers that you are professionally trained and up to date on current issues in the field. With accreditation, social justice advocates can work directly with needy individuals and positively impact their communities.

The Department of Social Work promotes the delivery and development of services that improve the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities. We provide students with an understanding of social welfare policies and programs and various methods to intervene effectively in multiple settings.

Our program prepares graduates to work as change agents, identify client resources, and advocate for social and economic justice. We emphasize research-based practice, social and cultural diversity, ethical decision-making, and working with individuals, families, and communities across the lifespan.

With our strong foundation in research and evidence-based practices, graduates are well prepared to work as professionals in various settings, including health care; mental health; child welfare; gerontology; substance abuse and prevention services; criminal justice, and juvenile justice. Our students can provide leadership in human services, such as planning, policy development, administration, and program evaluation.

We strive to create a setting that encourages learning, growth, and collaboration among our faculty and students. We value the diversity of our students and the communities we serve, believing that social justice begins with understanding.

At Lewis University, we are committed to providing quality education in the field of Social Work, so that social justice advocates can make a real difference in their communities. With this degree, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to work as an effective advocate for social and economic justice.

Lewis University invites you to take the opportunity to join the Department of Social Work on this important journey.

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