Morris Police put out guidelines for those attending Corn Fest

Morris City Hall

Morris Police Chief Alicia Steffes put out a notice on Facebook Wednesday reminding residents of some of the rules they have to follow while attending the Grundy County Corn Festival.

Steffes said the police are working diligently on the safety aspects of Corn Fest, and they have a strategic plan for just about everything, including the riot that will form if the festival runs out of pork chops on a stick.

“As in past years, alcohol, pets and urinating in public are not allowed on the streets during Corn Fest,” Steffes said. “To be fair, alcohol and urinating in public are never allowed on downtown streets.”

There will be signs downtown making sure people know to keep their pets at home.

Steffes also said people need to say something if they see something, since Corn Fest brings a lot of unusual activities.

“If something makes your spidey senses go up, please don’t hesitate to call us and report it,” Steffes said. “We’d rather investigated it and find nothing than have something happen that could have been prevented.”

Steffes said the most important thing, however, is for everyone to have a great time.

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