St. Juvin Post visits Coal City Intermediate School

Students  (from left) Carter Shain and Lila Symons holding the First Navy Jack  alsothe first flag used by the United States Marine Corps. This flag is believed to have flown aboard the Continental Fleet's flagship Alfred. In January, 1776. Commodore Esek Hopkins raised this flag to signal his fleet to attack British ships.

COAL CITY – On Nov. 9, members of St. Juvin Post 1336 VFW visited the fourth- and fifth-grade students and staff at the historic Coal City Intermediate School, home of the Community Veterans Memorial.

What used to be an annual event had to be skipped for several years due to health concerns and school closures.

Jr. Vice-Commander and Air Force vet Jim Richards answers question from the students about the Community Veterans Memorial.

Post members presented their “History of the U.S. Flags” display covering flags used from Colonial times to today. The display consists of 3-by-5-foot flags used at various times by colonists and during and after the American Revolution.

Students participated by holding the flags and Post members answered questions about the flags and the “Pledge of Allegiance”.

Post members also conducted a flag raffle presenting a U.S. flag to the winners, one from each grade. Flag winners were fourth-grader Drake Heath and fifth-grader Caleb Hall.

from left, 4th grade teacher Jenn Ness, Post Commander James “Hoppy” Phillips, Drake Heath and Principal Tracy Carlson

After the presentation of the display, students went outside and visited with Junior Vice Commander Jim Richards who explained the significance of the Community Veterans Memorial where over 1,100 names of veterans from World War I, World War II, the Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, and service in peacetime are honored.

5th grade flag winner Caleb Hall with Commander Phillips and his teacher Amy Gaffigan

Post members would like to thank Coal City Community Unit District 1, Intermediate School Principal Tracy Carlson, and the entire school staff for the opportunity to present the flags and some of our national history to the students.

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