CPV Three Rivers Energy Center expected in Grundy County by 2023

Morris- Competitive Power Ventures (CPV), Three Rivers Energy is on track to begin operations in 2023. The $1.3 billion generating station in Goose Lake Township has brought 500 union workers on site during the 30 month construction schedule. Once operational the site will require a staff of 25 full time personnel, with around 75 personnel to provide services around the plant with over $3 million a year in payroll and benefits.

“Working with Kiewit Power Constructors Co. has been great. The team works safely and efficiently and has allowed us to meet our goals,” says Jennifer Villarreal, Manager of CPV Corporate Communications and External Affairs.

The plant is currently in construction of two combustion turbines, two steam turbines, and two heat recovery systems that will maximize the overall efficiency of the plant, of which is about 60% . This allows the facility to provide high efficient, low-emitting, reliable power while allowing Illinois to meet its carbon reduction goals.

According to the CPV Three Rivers Website,The project will use clean-burning natural gas and state-of-the-art technology, including two combustion turbines (CT), two heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) and two steam turbines (ST) to maximize efficiency. Once complete, CPV Three Rivers will be one of the cleanest, most efficient generating facilities of its kind.

“This is an exciting use of technology. It is very innovative and I really appreciate the operation. It is evolving right in front of us and this facility will become an integral part of the community and the state of Illinois,” says Rep. Dr. Thomas Bennet of District 106.

The project is set to yield substantial economic and regional benefits including hundreds of millions of dollars in private infrastructure investment and significant new revenues for local governments and businesses.

The facility, uncompleted, has already managed to win North American Power U.S. deal of the year by IJGlobal and North America single asset power deal of the year award by Proximo Infra.

Maribeth M. Wilson

Maribeth M. Wilson has been a reporter with Shaw Media for two years, one of those as news editor at the Morris Herald-News. She became a part of the NewsTribune staff in 2023.