Indiana Man arrested in Grundy County after fleeing and crash

Emaree D’Andre Goode-Hughes, 24

GRUNDY COUNTY – An Indiana man was arrested Dec. 28, after a traffic stop that ended in a high-speed chase and a crash, according to police.

Emaree D’Andre Goode-Hughes, 24, of St. John, Indiana, was pulled over by the Grundy County Proactive Unit on Interstate 80 at mile marker 105, after police “observed a white Toyota Camry traveling eastbound rapidly approaching the rear end of a slow-moving semi-truck”, according to police records.

Police said, upon investigation, an officer noted Goode-Hughes’ “fingers trembled nervously” when reaching for his license. Grundy County dispatch told the officer the registration plate on the vehicle returned to a pink 1974 Chevrolet pickup truck.

Police observed Goode-Hughes’ right hand reaching underneath his seat and was ordered to show his hands. Hughes complied and displayed that he wasn’t holding anything. Hughes was ordered to exit the vehicle two times, then he put the vehicle in drive and pulled forward at a high rate of speed.

Police said that, due to Hughes’ body language during the stop, he was attempting to conceal or reach for a weapon right before fleeing the stop.

The Toyota continued accelerating to speeds in excess of 130 mph before the deputy lost sight of the Toyota near the Morris exit mile marker 112 before the pursuit was terminated, according to police.

All units stayed in the area in an attempt to locate the vehicle.

After a short time, officers of the Channahon Police Department observed the described Toyota traveling eastbound on Route 6 at Brisbin Road. Channahon police attempted to conduct a traffic stop and advised the vehicle was attempting to flee at approximately 120 mph. Channahon Police Officers terminated the traffic stop, however, the Toyota continued at a high rate of speed before crashing on Route 6 east of Mclindon Road.

Due to the severity of the crash, Goode-Hughes was transported by Minooka EMS to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Joliet, escorted by deputies assigned to the Proactive Unit.

Police said the following items were found in the vehicle: an American Tactical AR-15, loaded and concealed underneath the front passenger seat, the weapon held one loaded 30-round .223 magazine; a Glock 29 10mm handgun, loaded and concealed underneath the driver’s seat, the weapon held one partially loaded 30 round extended magazine; 1090 grams of cannabis in a white bag on the rear seat (field tested positive for the presence of cannabis); an American Tactical AR-15 .223 magazine on front passenger seat loaded with 30 rounds; a Glock 10mm magazine on front passenger seat loaded with 10 mm ammunition, a Canick 9mm magazine on the front passenger floorboard, loaded with 9mm ammunition, a black vest containing body armor on the rear seat and a blue notebook/ledger.

Goode-Hughes was not found to have a valid FOID/CCL card through Illinois.

Goode-Hughes was transported to the Grundy County Jail after he was cleared and released by hospital staff at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Joliet on the charges of armed violence, unlawful possession of cannabis, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, and aggravated fleeing. He is being held on a $200,000 bond.

Maribeth M. Wilson

Maribeth M. Wilson has been a reporter with Shaw Media for two years, one of those as news editor at the Morris Herald-News. She became a part of the NewsTribune staff in 2023.