Rescued dog ready to experience home living

Eloise is Save-A-Pet’s pet of the week for Sept. 16, 2021

GRAYSLAKE – Eloise says, “Kept outside, having litter after litter, was no life.

“Thanks to the humane investigation team, I am now free. I no longer have to take care of my puppies, living in a junkyard in a broken-down trailer.

“I have a lot of things to learn. For example, I had no clue what a leash was for. I’m smart and I’m eager to learn, so I’m starting to get it. It’s actually kind of nice being able to go farther than a chain or a small enclosure.

“They are also working with me on this ‘sit’ thing with a treat, and while I don’t quite understand the purpose of it, I am getting close. All this is to say that my life was not the greatest until I got rescued. I can’t wait to experience home living and to continue learning things.

“Since I tested positive for heartworm, I am looking for a family that will foster me while Save-A-Pet continues to coordinate and pay for my vet care. Once cleared, I can be officially adopted.”

Eloise is about 4 years old. She is spayed, up to date on shots (including rabies) and microchipped.

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