Letter: Just a thought ... about jealousy and envy

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Jealousy and envy may sound alike but have different meanings.

Being envious is a feeling that comes over a person who lacks the materialistic possessions of another person. People can get their feathers ruffled and be envious of anyone who has something they do not have. A new car, a new home, a lottery winning ticket, a great-paying job, all of this can create discord in an envious person.

Envy has no age preference. Younger children aggressively have grabbed a toy away from other children or have done some hair pulling because of envy.

Jealousy can be dangerous. Relationships have ended because of jealousy, which has caused stalking, injuries, death or jail sentencing. Jealousy comes in degrees. A mate being slightly jealous if anyone flirts with their partner may cause only a confrontation.

Fistfights have taken place between people with uncontrollable jealous streaks among all ages who claim to be in love and joined at the hip. Black eyes and broken bones are only two results of many negatives brought about by jealousy.

There is competition and jealousy between some competing businesses that in some instances caused damage by slander and wreckage.

Pets can be jealous of other pets and of newborns entering their territory. Pets have snarled and occasionally nipped or took a bite of an innocent victim.

Have you ever experienced envy or jealousy?

Can being humble and discreet chase jealousy down the street? Sometimes that works.

Don’t show off!

Linda Alexandra