Should you join a chamber, more than one?

Oswego Chamber of Commerce - Should you join a chamber, more than one?

Out of sight, out of mind! You want your business to remain in the eye of the public and stand out from the competition. With your Chamber membership, you get a listing on its website and in the printed directory. Also, Chambers only refer member businesses.

There are endless opportunities to network, which gives you the opportunity to meet new contacts and potential power partners, and to attend seminars. You’ll find yourself in situations where you can identify and meet the decision-makers of a business face-to-face. It also gives you opportunities to learn more about the other businesses in the community.

The Chamber advocates on your behalf at the local levels and through the state and US Chambers at the state and federal levels. You’ll receive updates on new laws and new potential laws that may affect your business positively and negatively.

Some statistics regarding Chambers:

  • If a consumer knows a business is part of its local Chamber, the business will have a 63% increase in the likelihood that the consumer will shop with them.
  • 8% of small businesses fail because they don’t have a network.

Do you want to be a part of something larger than yourself in your community? Would you like more customers? And do you need help in some area of your business? If you have a business need, it’s likely the Chamber can help with either direct solutions or connections to people who can assist you.

Should and can you join more than one Chamber at a time? We always encourage our members to be a member of their local community, and as they branch out to do business in other communities, joining those Chambers allows them even more opportunities to branch out. You need to determine how much of your marketing dollars you can put into memberships, and how much time you can put into the different memberships. For more information, please contact:

Oswego Area Chamber of Commerce : 25 E Jackson Street : Oswego, IL 60543 : 630.554.3505

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