May 27, 2022
Letters to the Editor

Letter: Selfish


To the Editor:

I couldn’t agree more with the Opinions article in the Dec. 30 Ledger. Yes, anyone who has not been vaccinated is exactly what the writer said, “Selfish.” I wish (it can’t come true for legal reasons) that when a COVID patient comes to the front door of a hospital, the first question they should be asked is “Were you vaccinated?” If the answer is no, the hospital personnel should be able to tell them, “I’m sorry, but we won’t be able to admit you, as our beds are full. You will have to go home and contact your politician and/or pray for a quick recovery.”

Unless you live under a rock, you must have seen the many clips on TV of the extreme toll it has taken on the doctors and nurses (and others). Because of the “selfish” they and their families are suffering from this disease. They are working to the point of exhaustion and beyond. They are taking early retirement, which causes even more staff shortages, and yes, they are committing suicide at the highest rate ever. But you don’t care, because you are selfish. My son is a doctor and his wife is an intensive care unit nurse. My sister and my niece are nurses, and they expose themselves to the daily danger of trying to make you healthy. But you don’t care, because you are selfish.

I hope the Ledger would reprint that article once every month or two. It couldn’t have been more succinct and well spoken. I hate to think that the people it was directed to may have missed it. Thank you to the author. You really nailed it.

Duane D. Hem