August 18, 2022
Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hypocrisy over jury’s verdict


To the Editor:

Well, gee, I don’t agree with a jury’s verdict, so I really feel that I should go crazy and protest. I think we should feel that we are all experts about any trial even though the only opinions we are privy to were put forth by NBC, ABC, CNN and “The View.” After all, those outlets are completely unbiased and truly care about our judicial system.

The hypocrisy displayed from the start of this trial to the end is beyond amazing. The president and vice president should never weigh in on issues that they really shouldn’t get involved with. [Chicago] Mayor Lightfoot and Gov. Pritzker should also shut up. Lightfoot was upset when charges were not brought by Kim Foxx in a case she felt should have gone the way she thought. Mayor, go back to being a lawyer, then you can fight the system. Pritzker, just shut up. Illinois has so many problems that need attention, a trial in Wisconsin requires no comment on your part.

The jury in Kenosha did their job based upon the evidence submitted. If the prosecution did a poor job of proving their position, so be it. Rittenhouse will forever be hounded and harassed unless he leaves the country. Maybe Kyle can go down to Texas and sneak across the border and settle in Mexico. No one is paying any attention to the illegal immigration situation anyhow. He would be free and clear of this entire mess and quickly forgotten.

Don Lass