Letters to the Editor

Letter: Citizens beware

To the Editor:

If you did not attend the High Point Meadows Industrial Park citizen input meeting held by the Kendall County Planning, Building and Zoning Committee and the Comprehensive Land Planning and Ordinance Committee and live in the vicinity of Lisbon Road or downstream, you should consider attending the next PBZ meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 24, at 5 p.m. in the second floor Kendall County Board Room located at 111 W. Fox St. in Yorkville. Over 100 citizens attended the last meeting, held on Wednesday, Oct 27. A significant number of area residents spoke in opposition to reclassifying the Highpoint Meadows residential subdivision from R-3 one-acre single family dwelling estate lots to a M-2 heavy manufacturing industrial park.

This platted unincorporated residential subdivision is located at the highest point in the county. It is part of two watersheds, the Aux Sable Creek watershed and the Fox River watershed. It is the Continental Divide for Kendall County and is the source for water flowing into the middle fork of the Aux Sable Creek, which is just one of five remaining Class A streams left unpolluted in the state of Illinois. The area downstream is the primary source for drinking (well) water in western rural Yorkville along Fox Road, Pavillion Road and the Timber Creek subdivision, downstream to the Fox River. It also supplies water to rural landowners in Fox, Kendall, Na Au Say, and Seward townships. The county of Kendall has big development plans for the four-lane Eldamain south transportation corridor. Citizens beware.

Todd Milliron