Letters to the Editor

Letter: Things found in the newspaper

To the Editor:

Saturday’s Chicago Tribune had two articles that you might not find on the internet, plus there was another in our local Sandwich Record. Three is a good number. Obviously, since you are a reader, I don’t have to tout the value of having good things in print. Forget the big bad news about world events; enough of that.

One article was about the strange fascination that the VW Bug/Beetle has had for people all these years. We drove our Herbie for 21 years. It was a sad day recently when, finally, we placed Herbie in a new deserving home. For all of those 21 years, all of us had enjoyed his special place. People who haven’t seen him for a time ask me about Herbie, and it is with sadness that I tell them he no longer lives with us.

The second Opinion article, was written by a teacher. The caption caught my eye: “I signed up to teach, then had a baby and then COVID...” She has made it through, but along with many, just barely. Having married a teacher, this one really touched my heart. A fitting tribute to all teachers.

And then, I appreciated the headline on the front page of our local paper about double protection (shots for both COVID and flu) plus info on the Mobile Health Unit as a way to get vaccinations. Inside was information about the Senior Citizen Exemption. A good thing to have, so check it out.

There; besides my humble thanks for reading this piece, three good reasons for reading a newspaper.

Rev. Bob Dell