Letter: Disgusting eyesores

To the Editor:

Saturday, July 18, we attended the River Fest in Yorkville. Kudos to the Parks and Recreation Department for doing such a great job, the Knights of Columbus for the delish ribs and all the hard work by volunteers who put on this event along with the great bands that entertained us. The cardboard boat races were tons of fun. The riverfront is beautiful, peaceful and the gem of Yorkville.

The problem lies in those ugly, unsafe foundations left by demolished pole barns on Hydraulic Street. The riverfront, downtown Yorkville and all the existing businesses could be booming if it weren’t for those disgusting eyesores. Yorkville wants to bring more business to the downtown to no avail. Gee, I wonder if those ugly, unsafe foundations could be the problem - looks like a war zone. A much-needed parking lot would be beneficial – maybe small shops, a flea market, skateboard park, crafters booths. Anything. Come on, Yorkville.

Donna Rasch