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Letter: Support trustees of the BKFPD

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To the Editor:

For the first time in the history of the Bristol-Kendall Fire Protection District, the residents of the district will have the opportunity to vote for whom they want to be on the governing board of the district. Four of the five current trustees are running for these positions. They are Ken Johnson, Dr. Gary Schlapp, Jeffery Farren and Martin Schwartz.

I have known these candidates for close to 50 years. They are proven leaders, ones who have guided the district through good times and difficult times. They are not afraid to stand up for what is best for the district, its members and the good of the community they represent.

I have worked directly with Ken Johnson and Dr. Gary Schlapp. I have served under their leadership and have come to greatly respect their guidance.

Jeffery Farren was the publisher of the Kendall County Record and has been involved in the community. Martin Schwartz was the Kendall Township Highway Commissioner and has also been involved in the community.

I cannot think of four people who would make better trustees of the district. They are honest, dedicated and compassionate people with no hidden agenda. Their only desire is to do what is best for the district and the people they represent.

Please support these candidates for the position of trustee of the Bristol Kendall Fire Protection District.

Chief Michael Hitzemann, BKFPD retired