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Letter: Retain BKFPD trustees

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To the Editor:

The Bristol Kendall Fire Protection District has a board of trustees, and four of the current trustees – Jeff Farren, Gary Schlapp, Marty Schwartz and Ken Johnson – are running to retain their seats in the April 4 election.

These men have proven to be trusted stewards of our tax dollars to ensure the BKFPD can have modern equipment, skilled and qualified employees, and strategic locations needed to keep our community protected.

During COVID, the board had to vote to terminate a probationary firefighter who refused to follow Gov. Pritzker’s statewide mandate to be vaccinated or be tested. Mr. Peterson, a candidate for the board, was quoted as saying that he would not have voted to terminate the firefighter. If the current board had ignored the state’s mandate for this one firefighter, how would the other firefighters act and feel after they had already complied? And how would the public feel knowing the BKFPD emergency crew coming to their aid may be carrying COVID? The board’s actions were mindful of all the BKFPD staff and of the citizens of Kendall County.

Mr. Peterson is running in a pack of five men with some experience in fire departments elsewhere. They are supported by a conservative political action committee with a campaign slogan “I’ve Got Your Back!” My question to Kendall County taxpayers is “whose” back do they really have, because I don’t think it’s mine.

Please vote for the candidates who will serve everyone’s best interest –

April Morganegg