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Letter: More secure location

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To the Editor:

I know this may come as a shock to my friends and neighbors, but I don’t have a vintage Corvette in my garage. Joe Biden keeps telling us about his vintage Corvette that his sons had revamped for him. He has a Corvette – so what? I have a 14-year-old Ford Edge in my garage and, like Joe Biden, my garage is locked.

Here’s the difference between my locked garage and Joe’s. My garage has not had file boxes containing secret government documents that only a president has the right and access to. Joe was the vice president. The vice president does not have the right or responsibility to keep this information for six years.

That’s correct. Six years, not last week. The Democrats’ police force, aka the FBI, did not tell us in October before the midterm elections. Thanks.

Folks, I’m really tired of this elderly, incompetent man being our president. In Mexico, he mixed up a Salvation Army official with Secret Service members. He’s been shown trying to shake hands with nobody, and now he has boxes of secret documents in his garage. If I am thinking correctly, top secret information should be held in a little more secure location, but that’s just me.

Don Lass