Oswego OKs liquor license change for Chili’s, opening the door for ‘to-go’ drinks

Restaurant on Route 34 must now apply for license from state

Fans of margaritas and other alcoholic beverages from Chili’s in Oswego may soon be able to bring their drinks home.

The Village Board voted unanimously to approve a change in the restaurant’s liquor license during a meeting Oct. 5.

In a memo to the board, Village Clerk Tina Touchette said Chili’s Grill and Bar in the 2800 block of Route 34 has requested a reclassification of their current Class C liquor license to a Class A-1 license “for purposes of selling alcoholic beverages ‘to-go,’” a practice made popular at restaurants across the country amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

As previously made effective July 1, only businesses that hold combined on/off premises liquor licenses are authorized to have “to-go” sales, Touchette wrote.

“By reclassifying their liquor license to a Class “A-1″ it will allow them to apply for a combined on/off premises liquor license through the Illinois Liquor Control Commission, hence, allowing for ‘to-go’ sales in addition to their current on-premises sale of alcoholic beverages,” Touchette wrote.

Under the A-1 license, Touchette wrote that Chili’s will be able to sell beer, wine and spirits to patrons dining in - a current service, sell original packaged beer or wine “to-go” to patrons dining in or to patrons who ordered takeout, sell a sealed pre-mix of signature margaritas “to-go” to patrons dining in or who ordered takeout.

Sales of sealed/packaged alcoholic beverages will be allowed only with the sale of food and all village and state regulations will apply to the sale of alcoholic beverages, including a required check of IDs before any sale of alcohol, Touchette said.