Buying A Home: Hot Features

Northern IL Home Search - Hot Features For Homebuyers

Most prospective homebuyers who begin the process of looking for a home in Illinois create a list of features that they must have and features that they want. In this challenging buyer’s market, there are some “hot features” that appear on almost every list. Some of these you can run down on your own via the internet, and some require a little extra help from someone who knows the marketplace.

The biggest hot feature is a house that needs little or no work to make it what you want. Almost every home will need a few cosmetic changes to suit its new owner – paint, window coverings, and flooring type are very personal. However, you really must get a professional home inspection to make sure you aren’t walking into any major issues – this is true even for newer homes. Almost any big physical change to a home is more expensive and disruptive than is expected.

Having flexible spaces to expand and spread out a bit are also considered hot features for new homebuyers. This can be anything like a nook, a basement, or a guest house. Even having one more bedroom than you need gives you more options and a chance to enjoy the overall home even more than you would otherwise.

Making the outdoor area a part of the home’s living and playing space has big appeal. Beautiful and functional hardscapes like patios and ramadas that extend a home’s living area are popular everywhere. In-ground swimming pools, even with the added maintenance costs, remain a desired feature. This is true even where they can only be used for part of the year. The forced stay-at-home experience offered by the pandemic showed people that having that fun, outdoor option is worth the extra time and money.

Homebuyers have begun to search for homes that have energy-efficient and smart home features. Along with the convenience and money savings, homes with these features can be more comfortable and secure. Running your home at its peak from your phone or tablet has become something new homebuyers expect.

Other features often require a visit to a home to assess if it truly fits your needs. These can include storage areas, garages, open floor plans, and of course the location and feel of the neighborhood. For that, the best way to make your search efficient and safe is with a professional that takes the time to actually listen and then uses their marketplace expertise to find you what you want and need in a new home.

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