NewsTribune volleyball statistical leaders on Sept. 20, 2023

Princeton's Keighley Davis blocks a spike from L-P's Addison Urbanski as Mariska Mount looks on on Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2023 in Sellett Gymnasium.

A look at the area’s volleyball stat leaders with players from La Salle-Peru, St. Bede, Putnam County, Mendota, Princeton, Bureau Valley, Earlville and Henry-Senachwine.


PlayerSetsTotalPer set
Sansone (Earlville)331243.8
Richetta (Putnam County)31993.2
Anderson (Henry-Senachwine)421232.9
A. Bosnich (St. Bede)28792.8
Urbanski (La Salle-Peru)411062.6
Stabler (Bureau Valley)40992.5
Brant (Mendota)23562.4
Harp (Princeton)40942.4
Au. Duttlinger (La Salle-Peru)38812.1
Currie (La Salle-Peru)41882.1
Hatton (Putnam County)31652.1


PlayerSetsTotalPer set
Currie (La Salle-Peru)41391
Richetta (Putnam County)31270.9
Urbanski (La Salle-Peru)41310.8
A. Bosnich (St. Bede)28230.8
Frederick (La Salle-Peru)24150.6
Salisbury (Bureau Valley)40230.6
Wasmer (Mendota)23120.5
Stanbary (Henry-Senachwine)43200.5


PlayerSetsTotalPer set
Wasilewski (Putnam County)312427.8
Faber-Fox (Princeton)412877
Harbison (Henry-Senachwine)422756.5
Acuncius (St. Bede)281806.4
Guelde (Earlville)332076.3
Becker (Mendota)231386
Salisbury (Bureau Valley)402035.1
Urbanski (La Salle-Peru)411934.7
Sowers (La Salle-Peru)411744.2


PlayerSetsTotalPer setLeifh
Leifheit (Mendota)141128
Sanchez (La Salle-Peru)412446
Maynard (Bureau Valley)401884.7
Hermes (St. Bede)281234.4
Fox (Princeton)421814.3
Abens (La Salle-Peru)411624
Ramirez (Mendota)23924
Richetta (Putnam County)311103.5
Urbanski (La Salle-Peru)411373.3
Hatton (Putnam County)31993.2
Moutray (Putnam County)31993.2


PlayerSetsTotalPer set
Urbanski (La Salle-Peru)411804.4
Abens (La Salle-Peru)411794.4
Hoskins (La Salle-Peru)401584
Sanchez (La Salle-Peru)411603.9
Faber-Fox (Princeton)411263.1
Sowers (La Salle-Peru)411132.8
Ramirez (Mendota)23622.7
Fox (Princeton)421132.7
Klingenberg (Princeton)401082.7
Olson (Earlville)27692.6


PlayerSetsTotalPer set
Ramirez (Mendota)23200.9
Sansone (Earlville)33300.9
Acuncius (St. Bede)28210.8
Richetta (Putnam County)31240.8
Leifheit (Mendota)14110.8
Becker (Mendota)23190.8
Harbison (Henry-Senachwine)42330.8
Koehler (St. Bede)27150.6
Faber-Fox (Princeton)41250.6
Maynard (Bureau Valley)40220.6


La Salle-Peru14-32-1 (Interstate 8)
Earlville11-41-2 (Little Ten)
Henry-Senachwine11-73-0 (Tri-County)
Princeton9-9-12-4 (Three Rivers East)
Putnam County8-52-2 (Tri-County)
Bureau Valley7-93-1 (Three Rivers East)
Mendota5-51-2 (Three Rivers East)
St. Bede4-6-11-1 (Tri-County